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362 0 |a Vol.31, no.1 (1966)- 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 1 :   |a Metropolitan Migration and Intervening Opportunities / Omer R. Galle and Karl E. Taeuber -- Social Status and Psychological Disorder: An Issue of Substance and an Issue of Method / Bruce P. Dohrenwend -- Economic Insecurity and the Political Attitudes of Cuban Workers / Maurice Zeitlin -- The Identification Problem and Theory Building: The Case of Status Inconsistency / Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. -- Union Conventions and Executive Boards: A Formal Analysis of Organizational Structure / Philip M. Marcus -- Rancorous Conflict in Community Politics / William A. Gamson -- The Division of Labor, Technology, and the Organization of Production in Twelve Countries / Jack P. Gibbs and Harley L. Browning -- Occupational Mobility and Attitudes Toward Negroes / Robert W. Hodge and Donald J. Treiman. 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 2 :   |a Neighborhood Context and College Plans / William H. Sewell and J. Michael Armer -- The Relative Associational Contiguity of Occupations in an Urban Setting / Edward O. Laumann and Louis Guttman -- The Structure of Small Bureaucracies / Peter M. Blau, Wolf V. Heydebrand and Robert E. Stauffer -- The Marginal Middle Class: A Reconsideration / Richard F. Hamilton -- Theology and Party Preference Among Protestant Clergymen / Benton Johnson -- Community Dynamics and Artistic Creativity / Vytautas Kavolis -- The Random Probe: A Technique for Evaluating the Validity of Closed Questions / Howard Schuman -- A Research Note on Diagnosed Mental Illness and Social Class / H. Warren Dunham, Patricia Phillips and Barbara Srinivasan -- The Influence of Kinship Upon Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus / Rex A. Lucas -- The Interaction of Person and Society / Paul-Henri Chombart de Lauwe -- Research on Socialization and Personality Development in the United States and France: Remarks on the Paper by Professor Chombart de Lauwe / John A. Clausen. 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 3 :   |a The Sociology of Law and Normative Phenomena / Jack P. Gibbs -- Industrialization and the American Family: A Look Backward / Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. -- Conflict and Criminality / Austin T. Turk -- Models of Behavior in Stalinist Literature: A Case Study of Totalitarian Values and Controls / Paul Hollander -- Color Gradation and Attitudes among Middle-Income Negroes / Howard E. Freeman, and others -- Status Consistency and Political Attitudes / K. Dennis Kelly and William J. Chambliss -- Compliance Patterns and Communication Blocks in Complex Organizations / Joseph Julian -- Industrialization and Community Status Structure / William A. Faunce and M. Joseph Smucker -- Anomia and Enomia: A Methodological Evaluation of Srole's Anomia Scale / Curtis R. Miller and Edgar W. Butler -- Parochial School Origins and Educational Achievement / Seymour Warkov and Andrew M. Greeley. 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 4 :   |a Social Factors in the Origins of a New Science: The Case of Psychology / Joseph Ben-David and others -- Social Class, Occupation, and Parental Values: A Cross-National Study / Leonard I. Pearlin and others -- The Formation of a Social Class Structure: Urbanization, Bureaucratization and Social Mobility in Thailand / Hans-Dieter Evers -- Higher Education, Religion and Women's Family-Size Orientations / Charles F. Westoff and other -- Organizational Alienation: A Comparative Analysis / Michael Aiken and others -- Birth Order and the Feminine Sex Role Among College Women / Kenneth Kammeyer -- Polygraph and Interview Validation of Self-Reported Deviant Behavior / John P. Clark and others -- Status Integration and Suicide: An Assessment / William J. Chambliss and others -- On Assessing the Theory of Status Integration and Suicide / Jack P. Gibbs and Walter T. Martin. 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 5 :   |a Some Religious Factors in the Emergence of Industrial Society in England / Herman Israel -- Solidarity and Delinquency in a Street Corner Group / Leon R. Jansyn, Jr. -- Culture and Symptoms--An Analysis of Patient's Presenting Complaints / Irving Kenneth Zola -- Childspacing and Family Economic Position / Ronald Freedman and others -- The Decline of Politics and Ideology in a Knowledgeable Society / Robert E. Lane -- Clique Contacts and Family Orientations / Joel I. Nelson -- Illegitimacy in the Caribbean Social Structure: A Reconsideration / Hyman Rodman -- Discipline, Method, and Community Power: A Note on the Sociology of Knowledge / John Walton -- Class and Politics in the Family Backgrounds of Student Political Activists / David L. Westby and others -- Merton Revisited: A New Classification for Deviant Behavior / Frank Harary. 
505 0 |t 1966 Nº 6 :   |a The Utility of Utopias / Wilbert E. Moore -- Assortative Mating and the Structure of Cities / Natalie Rogoff Ramsøy -- The Friends and Supporters of Psychotherapy: On Social Circles in Urban Life / Charles Kadushin -- Organizations and Clients: Lateral and Longitudinal Dimensions / Mark Lefton and others -- Petitions and Persuasive Appeals: A Study of Official-Client Relations / Elihu Katz and others -- The Community Basis of Conflict in School System Politics / David W. Minar -- Role Activation Conflict: A Study of Industrial Inspection / Derek Pugh -- Causal Theory and Statistical Measures of Effect: A Convergence / Richard P. Boyle -- A Preferred Method for Obtaining Rankings: Reactions to Physical Handicaps / Victor Matthews and Charles Westie. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 1 :   |a The Protection of the Inept / William J. Goode -- An Organizational Theory of Union Democracy / J. David Edelstein -- Toward a Sociological Model of Consensus / Thomas J. Scheff -- Organizations as Semilattices / Morris F. Friedell -- On the Multidimensionality of Alienation / Arthur G. Neal and others -- Religion: Opiate or Inspiration of Civil Rights Militancy Among Negroes? / Gary T. Marx -- Religious Preference and Worldly Success: Some Evidence from National Surveys / Norval D. Glenn and others -- Status Consistency and Right-Wing Extremism / Gary B. Rush -- Religious Identity and Church Attendance of Sons of Religious Intermarriages / Sydney H. Croog and others -- Occupational Mobility and Schizophrenia: An Assessment of the Social Causation and Social Selection Hypotheses / R. Jay Turner and Morton O. Wagenfeld. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 2 :   |a Genetics and Sociology: A Recosideration / Bruce K. Eckland -- A Framework for the Comparative Analysis of Organizations / Charles Perrow -- Argot, Symbolic Deviance and Subcultural Delinquency / Paul Lerman -- Social Distance: A Network Approach / James M. Beshers and others -- Social Mobility and Social Isolation: A Test of Sorokin's Dissociative Hypothesis / Robert A. Ellis and others -- Occupational Determinants of Geographic Mobility among Professional Workers / Jack Ladinsky -- Ethnicity and Extended Familism in an Upper-Middle-Class Suburb / Robert F. Winch, and others -- On the Personal Consequences of Alienation in Work / Melvin Seeman -- Suicidal Behavior / James Wilkins -- Status Inconsistency and the Vote: A Four Nation Test / Gerhard E. Lenski. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 3 :   |a The Size and Structure of Families: A Comparative Analysis of Census Data / Thomas K. Burch -- Occupational Position, Mobility, and the Kin of Orientation / Bert N. Adams -- Scientific Output and Recognition: A Study in the Operation of the Reward System in Science / Stephen Cole and others -- Nobel Laureates in Science: Patterns of Productivity, Collaboration, and Authorship / Harriet Zuckerman -- The Hawthorne Studies: A Radical Criticism / Alex Carey -- Social Status and Attitudes Toward Psychological Disorder: The Problem of Tolerance and Deviance / Bruce P. Dohrenwend and others -- Theology and the Position of Pastors on Public Issues / Benton Johnson -- Class Regression: An Aspect of the Social Stratification Process / John D. Allingham -- Socialization, n Achievement, and Achievement Values / John Scanzoni -- The Economic Cycle and the Social Suicide Rate / Albert Pierce. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 4 :   |a America's Unique Class Politics: The Interplay of the Labor, Credit and Commodity Markets / Norbert Wiley -- From Religious Community to Occupational Group: Structural Assimilation Among Professors, Lawyers, and Engineers / Harold L. Wilensky and others -- Inequality: A Cross-National Analysis / Phillips Cutright -- Miners and Agrarian Radicalism / James Petras and others -- Upward Social Mobility and Political Orientation / Joseph Lopreato -- Dimensions of Ethnic Intermarriage in Hawaii / Margaret A. Parkman and others -- Social Mobility and Social Structure: Some Insights from the Linear Model / Judah Matras -- Social Origins, Mobility Patterns and Fertility / Carolyn Cummings Perrucci -- Family Religious Background and Early Scientific Creativity / Lois-Ellin Datta. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 5 :   |a The Police on Skid-Row: A Study of Peace Keeping / Egon Bittner -- Couple Concurrence and Empathy on Birth Control Motivation in Dacca, East Pakistan / David Yaukey, and others -- Cultural Patterning of Sexual Socialization / David R. Heise -- The Effects of Values on Pecuniary Behavior: The Case of Academicians / John F. Marsh, Jr. and others -- Professionals in Bureaucracy: Alienation Among Industrial Scientists and Engineers / George A. Miller -- The Anderson-Warkov Hypotheses in Local Unions: A Comparative Study / Edna E. Raphael -- The Relative Contribution of Television as a Learning Source for Children's Occupational Knowledge / Melvin L. DeFleur and others -- Status Inconsistency, Social Mobility, Status Integration and Structural Effects / H. M. Blalock, Jr. -- Treating Matching as a Variable in a Sociological Experiment / J. Milton Yinger, and others. 
505 0 |t 1967 Nº 6 :   |a In Praise of Conflict and Its Resolution / Charles P. Loomis -- A System Resource Approach to Organizational Effectiveness / Ephraim Yuchtman and others -- Organizational Size, Complexity, and Formalization / Richard H. Hall, and others -- Stratification and Risk-Taking: A Theory Tested on Agricultural Innovation / Frank Cancian -- Issues in the Ecological Study of Delinquency / Robert A. Gordon -- Social Psychological Correlates of Urban Fertility / H. Theodore Groat and others -- Perceived Reference Group Support: Racial Attitudes and Overt Behavior / James M. Fendrich -- Community Status as a Dimension of Local Decision-Making / Robert L. Crain and others -- Aspects of Concept Formation, Explication, and Theory Construction in Sociology / Richard G. Dumont and others. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 1 :   |a The Future of Upward Mobility / John Porter -- Interaction and Adaptation: Intimacy as a Critical Variable / Marjorie Fiske Lowenthal and others -- Reference Groups, Socialization and Achievement / Theodore D. Kemper -- Accounts / Marvin B. Scott and others -- A Scale for Developmental Processes / Robert K. Leik and others -- The Conditions Underlying Race Riots as Portrayed by Multidimensional Scalogram Analysis: A Reanalysis of Lieberson and Silverman's Data / Milton Bloombaum -- Professionalization and Bureaucratization / Richard H. Hall -- Differential Organization of Health Professions: A Comparative Analysis / Ronald L. Akers and Richard Quinney. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 2 :   |a Parents' Education and Children's Educational Aspirations and Achievements / William H. Sewell and others -- A Note on Contextual Effects and the Political Orientation of University Students / David Nasatir -- Individual Values, Peer Values, and Subcultural Delinquency / Paul Lerman -- Intergenerational Ties in Finnish Urban Families / Dorrian Apple Sweetser -- Technology and the Structure of Organizations / Edward Harvey -- Community Leadership, Education, and Political Behavior / Robert R. Alford and others -- Participation in Community Associations by Occupation: A Test of Three Theories / Robert Hagedorn and Sanford Labovitz. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 3 :   |a Social Evolution and Structural-Functional Analysis: An Empirical Test / Gary L. Buck and others -- Minorities and the Process of Stratification / Beverly Duncan and others -- Cultural Distances Among Occupational Categories / Norval D. Glenn and others -- Art as an Institution / Milton C. Albrecht -- Visibility and the Structural Bases of Awareness of Scientific Research / Stephen Cole and others -- Pre-Industrial Patterns in the Colonial Family in America: A Content Analysis of Colonial Magazines / Herman R. Lantz, and others -- Participation and Integration: The Case of the Small Businessman / Joel I. Nelson -- A Research Note on the Mass Support for Tough Military Initiatives / Richard F. Hamilton. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 4 :   |a Commitment and Social Organization: A Study of Commitment Mechanisms in Utopian Communities / Rosabeth Moss Kanter -- Universities as Organizations: A Research Approach / Edward Gross -- Political Integration as an Alternative to Independence in the French Antilles / Arvin W. Murch -- Aging, Voting, and others -- Community Structure, Decision-Making, Budget Expenditures, and Urban Renewal in 51 American Communities / Terry N. Clark. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 5 :   |a Power, Influence and Social Circles: A New Methodology for Studying Opinion Makers / Charles Kadushin -- Multivariate Analysis of National Political Development / Marvin E. Olsen -- A Stochastic Model of Social Mobility / Robert McGinnis -- Social Participation and Social Status / Robert W. Hodge and others -- Occupational Mobility in Six Cities / Angela Lane -- Do American Women Marry Up? / Zick Rubin -- Conformity and Deviance in the Situation of Company / LaMar T. Empey and others -- Socialization in Correctional Communities: A Replication / Robert C. Atchley and others -- The Distribution of Social and Cultural Properties in Informal Communication Networks Among Biological Scientists / Nicholas C. Mullins. 
505 0 |t 1968 Nº 6 :   |a Nature, Culture and Scarcity: Foreword to a Theoretical Synthesis / Manfred Stanley -- Basic Human Needs, Alienation and Inauthenticity / Amitai Etzioni -- A Poverty Case: The Analgesic Subculture of the Southern Appalachians / Richard A. Ball -- Informal Reactions to Deviance in Simulated Work Organizations: A Laboratory Experiment / Rodolfo Alvarez -- Organizational Interdependence and Intra-Organizational Structure / Michael Aiken and others -- Social Structure, Identification and Change in a Treatment-Oriented Institution / Raymond J. Adamek and others -- Expertness and the Span of Control / Marshall W. Meyer -- Power, Visibility, and Conformity in Formal Organizations / Donald I. Warren -- An Approach to the Multivariate Analysis of Ordinal Data / Robert H. Somers. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 1 :   |a The Chaotic Society: Product of the Social Morphological Revolution / Philip M. Hauser -- Ideological Beliefs on the Distribution of Power in the United States / William H. Form and others -- Voluntary Association Membership: A Longitudinal Analysis / Nicholas Babchuk and others -- Changes in the Form of Alienation: The 1900's vs. The 1950's / Irene Taviss -- Sexual Status and Psychiatric Symptoms / Derek L. Phillips and others -- Social Psychological Characteristics of Innovators / John W. Loy, Jr. -- The Educational and Early Occupational Attainment Process / William H. Sewell, and others -- Separating Reliability and Stability in Test-Retest Correlation / David R. Heise. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 2 :   |a Attitude as an Interactional Concept: Social Constraint and Social Distance as Intervening Variables Between Attitudes and Action / Lyle G. Warner and others -- Disruption, Social Location and Interpretive Practices: The Case of Wayne, New Jersey / Martin S. Weinberg and others -- The Social Structure of Religious and Ethnoreligious Groups in a Metropolitan Community / Edward O. Laumann -- Testing the Theory of Social Area Analysis: The Ecology of Cairo, Egypt / Janet L. Abu-Lughod -- Parental and Peer Influences on Educational Plans of Adolescents / Denise B. Kandel and others -- Laboratory Simulation of Organizational Stress / Thomas E. Drabek and others -- A Review and Comparison of Simple Statistical Tests for Scalogram Analysis / Roland J. Chilton -- The Reliability of Respondent-Coded Occupational Prestige / Robert F. Winch, and others. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 3 :   |a The Social Organization of Legal Contacts / Leon Mayhew and others -- Physicians and Medicare: A Before-After Study of the Effects of Legislation on Attitudes / John Colombotos -- Social Structure in a Group of Scientists: A Test of the Invisible College Hypothesis / Diana Crane -- Status Inconsistency, Cross Pressures, and American Political Behavior / David R. Segal -- My Son the Doctor: Aspects of Mobility Among American Jews / Mariam K. Slater -- Sociodynamics: An Integrative Theorem of Power, Authority, Interfluence and Love / E. Michael Bannester. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 4 :   |a Toward A Macrosociology of Power / Edward W. Lehman -- Primary Group Structures and Their Functions: Kin, Neighbors, and Friends / Eugene Litwak and others -- Commitment and Conflict in a Normative Organization / George Brager -- Inmate Organization: Sex Differentiation and the Influence of Criminal Subcultures / Charles R. Tittle -- Dilemmas of a Golden Exile: Integration of Cuban Refugee Families in Milwaukee / Alejandro Portes -- Appearance and Education in Marriage Mobility / Glen H. Elder, Jr. -- Two Patterns in the Relationship Between Social Class and Mental Hospitalization / William A. Rushing -- A Quick Method for Determining the Reliability and Validity of Multiple-Item Scales / George W. Bohrnstedt. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 5 :   |a Varieties of Sociological Imagination / Arnold M. Rose -- Growth and Decay Curves in Scientific Citations / Duncan MacRae, Jr. -- The Validity of Census Data on Bilingualism in a Puerto Rican Neighborhood / Joshua A. Fishman and others -- Career Mobility in Three Societies: Australia, Italy, and the United States / Leonard Broom and others -- Class, Occupation, and Orientation / Melvin L. Kohn and others -- Two Conflicting Themes: Common Values Versus Class Differential Values / Wan Sang Han -- Correlates of Political Complexity / Mark Abrahamson -- Multiversity, University Size, University Quality and Student Protest: An Empirical Study / Joseph W. Scott and others -- The Distribution of Participation in Group Discussions: An Empirical and Theoretical Reappraisal / Joseph B. Kadane and others -- Comment on Kadane and Lewis / Robert K. Leik. 
505 0 |t 1969 Nº 6 :   |a The Public Perception of Protest / Ralph H. Turner -- On the Measurement of Social Mobility: An Index of Status Persistence / Leo A. Goodman -- Measuring Population Diversity / Stanley Lieberson -- The Classification of Subnations in Hawaii: An Essay in the Sociology of Knowledge / William Petersen -- Racial Integration in a Transition Community / Harvey Molotch -- Ecological Analysis of Delinquency: Aggregation Effects / Gerald T. Slatin -- Structural Crystallization, Status Inconsistency and Political Partisanship / Thomas S. Smith -- Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnomethodology: A Proposed Synthesis / Norman K. Denzin. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 1 :   |a Interorganizational Networks in Urban Society: Initial Perspectives and Comparative Research / Herman Turk -- The Forum Theory of Organizational Democracy: Structural Guarantees as Time-Related Variables / John G. Craig and others -- Toward A Temporal Sequence of Adolescent Achievement Variables / Richard A. Rehberg, others -- Religion and Occupational Achievement / Elton F. Jackson, and others -- Police Control of Juveniles / Donald J. Black and others -- Premarital Sex as Deviant Behavior: An Application of Current Approaches to Deviance / Ira L. Reiss -- Ideal Types and the Idealization Strategy / Joseph Lopreato and others -- Continuities: On Boudon's Method of Linear Causal Analysis / Arthur S. Goldberger -- Estimating Measurement Error Using Multiple Indicators and Several Points in Time / H. M. Blalock, Jr. -- The Estimation of Measurement Error in Panel Data / David E. Wiley and others -- Review Essay: Violence in America: Historical and Comparative Perspectives. by Hugh Davis Graham, Ted Robert Gurr / Review by: Lewis A. Coser. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 2 :   |a A Formal Theory of Differentiation in Organizations / Peter M. Blau -- Toward a Non-Utopian Normative Model of the Community / Roland L. Warren -- Problems in Making Policy Inferences from the Coleman Report / Glen G. Cain and others -- Reply to Cain and Watts / James S. Coleman -- A Comment on Problems in Making Inferences from the Coleman Report / D. J. Aigner -- The Religious Context of Educational Expectations / A. Lewis Rhodes and others -- Sociometric Location and Innovativeness: Reformulation and Extension of the Diffusion Model / Marshall H. Becker -- Juvenile Delinquency in the U.S.S.R.: Some Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators / Walter D. Connor -- Reactive Subsystems / Frank W. Young -- Marxist Dialectic and Pragmatism: Power as Knowledge / Joan Huber Rytina and others -- The Cross-National Study of Inequality: A Research Note / C. T. Husbands and others -- Getting Ready to Get Ready: Reply to Husbands and Money / Phillips Cutright -- A Comment on Whether American Women do Marry Up / J. David Martin. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 3 :   |a The Social Cohesion of Liberal Democracy / Michael Mann -- The Political Orientation of Skidders: A Middle-Range Theory / Joseph Lopreato and others -- Social Origins, Educational Contexts, and Career Mobility / Carolyn Cummings Perrucci and others -- Intragenerational Social Mobility as a Markov Process: Including a Time- Stationary Mark-Ovian Model that Explains Observed Declines in Mobility Rates Over Time / David D. McFarland -- Race, Social Status, and Criminal Arrest / Edward Green -- Sex-Role Identity and Pragmatic Action / William Bezdek and others -- Response Biases in Field Studies of Mental Illness / Derek L. Phillips and othes -- The Assignment of Numbers to Rank Order Categories / Sanford Labovitz -- A Comment on Multiversity, University Size, University Quality, and Student Protest: An Empirical Study / Riley Dunlap. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 4 :   |a The Causes of Racial Disturbances: A Comparison of Alternative Explanations / Seymour Spilerman -- Community Structure and Innovation: The Case of Urban Renewal / Michael Aiken and others -- Immigrants and Municipal Voting Turnout: Implications for the Changing Ethnic Impact on Urban Politics / Daniel N. Gordon -- Social and Political Participation of Blacks / Marvin E. Olsen -- Conceptions of Interaction and Forms of Sociological Explanation / Thomas P. Wilson -- Age, Cohorts and the Generation of Generations / Gosta Carlsson and others -- The Reward System in British Science / Jerry Gaston -- Production of Crime Rates / Donald J. Black -- Theoretical Concepts and Observables / David Willer and others -- Cautions in Applying Various Procedures for Determining the Reliability and Validity of Multiple-Item Scales / Charles E. Werts and others. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 5 :   |a Sociology and the Distrust of Reason / Reinhard Bendix -- Clustering and Hierarchy in Interpersonal Relations: Testing Two Graph Theoretical Models on 742 Sociomatrices / James A. Davis -- Evictions from Public Housing: Effects of Independent Review / Richard Lempert and others -- Foundations of Parental Influence Upon Adolescents: An Application of Social Power Theory / Thomas Ewin Smith -- Societal Reaction as an Explanation of Mental Illness: An Evaluation / Walter R. Gove -- The Organization of Role-Relationships: A Systematic Description / Gerald Marwell and others -- Weber and Freud: On the Nature and Sources of Authority / Donald McIntosh. 
505 0 |t 1970 Nº 6 :   |a Status Consistency and Political Preference: The Australian Case / Leonard Broom and others -- Social Mobility, Normlessness and Powerlessness in Two Cultural Contexts / Miles E. Simpson -- The Educational and Early Occupational Status Attainment Process: Replication and Revision / William H. Sewell, and others -- Industrial Technology and Worker Integration in the Organization / Michael Fullan -- Leaders and Ruling Elites: The Interorganizational Bases of Community Power / Robert Perrucci and others -- Authority and Controversial Policy: The Churches and Civil Rights / James R. Wood -- The Logical Adequacy of Homans' Social Theory / Ronald Maris -- Recall from Anecdote: Alexis de Tocqueville and the Morphogenesis of America / Paul R. Eberts and others. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 1 :   |a Family Stability: A Comparison of Trends Between Blacks and Whites / Reynolds Farley and others -- Some Social Implications of High Density Housing / Robert Edward Mitchell -- The Religious Factor in Detroit: Review, Replication, and Reanalysis / Howard Schuman -- The Religious Factor in Detroit: Revisited / Gerhard Lenski -- Freedom and Social Organization: A Comparative Analysis / George A. Hillery, Jr. -- Definition and Measurement of Continuous Variation in Ecological Analysis / Eric O. Hoiberg and others -- Significant Others, The Self-Reflexive Act and the Attitude Formation Process / Joseph Woelfel and others -- Disability and Deviance: Normative Adaptations of Role Behavior / Lawrence D. Haber and others -- The Social Ascription of Motives / Alan F. Blum and Peter McHugh. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 2 :   |a Trends in Voluntary Association Memberships of American Adults: Replication Based on Secondary Analysis of National Sample Surveys / Herbert H. Hyman and others -- The Socioeconomic Achievement of White Religio-Ethnic Subgroups: Social and Psychological Explanations / David L. Featherman -- Upward Social Mobility and Political Orientation: A Re-Evaluation of the Evidence / Kenneth H. Thompson -- Functions of Children's Perceptions of the Stratification System / Roberta G. Simmons and others -- Student Unionism in the Netherlands: An Application of a Social Class Model / Cornelis J. Lammers -- Conjugal Power Structure: A Re-Examination / Richard Centers, and others -- Administrative Ratios and Organization Size: A Longitudinal Examination / Edward A. Holdaway and others -- The Srole Items and Acquiescence / Leslie G. Carr -- Some Constraints in Analyzing Data on Organizational Structures: A Comment on Blau's Paper / Marshall W. Meyer -- A Mathematical Theory of Differentiation in Organizations / Norman P. Hummon -- Comments on Two Mathematical Formulations of the Theory of Differentiation in organizations / Peter M. Blau. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 3 :   |a The Changing South: National Incorporation of a Region / John C. McKinney and others -- Homicide and a Regional Culture of Violence / Raymond D. Gastil -- The Causes of Racial Disturbances: Tests of an Explanation / Seymour Spilerman -- The Public Perception of the Watts Riot as Social Protest / Vincent Jeffries, and others -- Variation in County Size: A Theory of Segmental Growth / G. Edward Stephan -- Bureaucratic Man: A Portrait and an Interpretation / Melvin L. Kohn -- Flow of Communications, Expert Qualifications and Organizational Authority Structures / John Brewer -- Decisions and Exchange / B. F. Meeker -- Measurement of Relative Variation: Sociological Examples / J. David Martin and others. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 4 :   |a An Organizational Analysis of Collectivities / Guy E. Swanson -- The Regeneration of Social Organizations / Kenneth McNeil and others -- Urban Structure and the Differentiation Between Blacks and Whites / Robert M. Jiobu and others -- Social Positions and Political Cross-Pressures: A Re-Examination / Patrick M. Horan -- Biological Models of Social Change / Kurt W. Back -- Dialectic in Sociology / Louis Schneider -- An Alternative to Parsons' Four-Function Paradigm as a Basis for Developing General Sociological Theory / Robert R. Blain -- The Hobbesian Problem of Order: A Critical Appraisal of the Normative Solution / Desmond P. Ellis. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 5 :   |a Inequality of Opportunity for Higher Education / William H. Sewell -- Political Orientation and Riot Participation / Jeffery M. Paige -- Political Primitivism, Differential Socialization, and Lower-Class Leftist Radicalism / Alejandro Portes -- Socialization and Adolescent Conformity to Significant Others: A Cross-National Analysis / Darwin L. Thomas and others -- The Language of Persuasion in Bureaucracy: Modern and Traditional Appeals to the Israel Customs Authorities / Brenda Danet -- Organization Structure and Communications / Jerald Hage, Michael Aiken and others -- Voluntary Association Joining: A Cross-National Comparative Note / James Curtis -- The Scientific Legitimation of Fallacy: Neutralizing Social Change Theory / Robert H. Lauer. 
505 0 |t 1971 Nº 6 :   |a Working Class Communism in Western Europe: Rational or Nonrational / Walter Korpi -- Community Rank Stratification: A Factor Analysis / Reta D. Artz, and others -- Functional and Conflict Theories of Educational Stratification / Randall Collins -- Social Mobility and Fertility / Keith Hope -- Patterns of Female Intergenerational Occupational Mobility: A Comparison with Male Patterns of Intergenerational Occupational Mobility / Peter Y. DeJong, and others -- Professional Self-Images and Political Perspectives in the Greek Military / George Andrew Kourvetaris -- Civil Disorder Participation: A Critical Examination of Recent Research / Clark McPhail -- Coding Reliability and Validity of Interview Data / Kathleen S. Crittenden and others -- A Heuristic Procedure for Interpreting Factor Analyses / Arthur L. Stinchcombe. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 1 :   |a Tenting with Malinowski / Murray L. Wax -- The Sphere of Influence / Joel H. Levine -- A Modified Multiple Regression Approach to the Analysis of Dichotomous Variables / Leo A. Goodman -- Industrial Conflict and Unionization / David Britt and others -- The Structure of Scientific Fields and the Functioning of University Graduate Departments / Janice Beyer Lodahl and others -- Goal Implementation and Outcome in Medical Schools / Harry Perlstadt -- On the Transmission of Marital Instability in Black Families / Jerold Heiss -- Family Disruption, Delinquent Conduct and the Effect of Subclassification / Roland J. Chilton and others -- The Credibility of Protest / David L. Altheide and others -- Hall's Professionalism Scale: An Empirical Reassessment / William E. Snizek. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 2 :   |a Leadership and Organizational Performance: A Study of Large Corporations / Stanley Lieberson and others -- Achievement Orientations and Socioeconomic Career Attainments / David L. Featherman -- High School Context and College Plans: The Impact of Social Structure on Aspirations / Joel I. Nelson -- Size and Growth as Determinants of Administrative-Production Ratios in Organizations / Gerry E. Hendershot and others -- Household Complexity in Nineteenth Century France / William L. Parish, Jr. and others -- The Process of Entry into First Marriage / Gudmund Hernes -- Sex and Social Participation / Alan Booth -- Religion, Economic Development and Lethal Aggression / Hugh P. Whitt, and others -- Developmental Change in the Sentiment Structure of Children's Groups / Samuel Leinhardt -- The Political Orientation of the Socially Mobile in Italy: A Re-Examination / Mary R. Jackman -- The Political Orientation of the Socially Mobile in Italy: A Comment / Joseph Lopreato and Janet Saltzman Chafet. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 3 :   |a Status Characteristics and Social Interaction / Joseph Berger, and others -- People Processing Organizations: An Exchange Approach / Yeheskel Hasenfeld -- Heterogamy, Inter-Class Mobility and Socio-Political Attitudes in Italy / Lawrence E. Hazelrigg and others -- The Analysis of Mobility Processes by the Introduction of Independent Variables into a Markov Chain / Seymour Spilerman -- Some Methodological Problems in Explaining Social Mobility / Roland K. Hawkes -- Measuring Individual Modernity: A Near Myth / Michael Armer and others -- Social Participation and Voting Turnout: A Multivariate Analysis / Marvin E. Olsen -- Blue Collar Anger: Reactions to Student and Black Protest / H. Edward Ransford -- Illness and the Legitimation of Failure / Stephen Cole and others -- Linking Form of Hypothesis to Type of Statistic: An Application of Goodman's Z / Tai S. Kang -- International Tests of the Size-Density Hypothesis / G. Edward Stephan -- On the Hobbesian Problem of Order: A Comment / John H. Barnsley. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 4 :   |a The Signals of '68: Alienation in Pre-Crisis France / Melvin Seeman -- The Manufacture of Deviance: The Case of the Soviet Purge, 1936-1938 / Walter D. Connor -- Exchange as Symbolic Interaction: Convergences between Two Theoretical Perspectives / Peter Singelmann -- Role Differentiation / Gordon H. Lewis -- Size and the Structure of Organizations: A Causal Analysis / Marshall W. Meyer -- Strategies for Organizational Innovation: An Empirical Comparison / Ronald G. Corwin -- The Growth of Science and Economic Development / Marion Blute -- Issues Versus Controversies: Substantive and Statistical Significance / K. W. Taylor and others -- Cumulative Sociological Knowledge / Lee Freese -- Why Sociological Knowledge is not Cumulative: A Reply to Professor Freese / David Willer and Judith Willer. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 5 :   |a Presidential Address: The Place of Force in Human Society / William J. Goode -- Hardship and Collective Violence in France, 1830 to 1960 / David Snyder and others -- Patterns of Vandalism during Civil Disorders as an Indicator of Selection of Targets / Richard A. Berk and others -- A Theory of Ethnic Antagonism: The Split Labor Market / Edna Bonacich -- Socioeconomic-Ethnic Status Inconsistency and Preference for Political Change / Marvin E. Olsen and others -- The Alien as a Servant of Power: Court Jews and Christian Renegades / Lewis A. Coser -- Reward Distribution and Work-Role Attractiveness in the Kibbutz-Reflections on Equity Theory / Ephraim Yuchtman -- A Specification of Relationships Between Job Complexity and Powerlessness / Bill Tudor -- Role-Taking and Power in Social Psychology / Darwin L. Thomas -- Migration and the Ecological Complex / David F. Sly -- System Size and Structural Differentiation in Formal Organizations: A Baseline Generator for Two Major Theoretical Propositions / Bruce H. Mayhew, and others. 
505 0 |t 1972 Nº 6 :   |a Modification of Interracial Interaction Disability: An Application of Status Characteristic Theory / Elizabeth G. Cohen and others -- Race, Class, and Consciousness / Charles E. Hurst -- Culture Creation and Social Reconstruction: The Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Intergroup Contact / David Rothstein -- A Causal Model for the Political Party Preferences of American Men / David Knoke -- Differential Mortality and the Formation of Political Elites: The Case of the U. S. House of Representatives / James C. McCann -- Effects of Vertical Mobility and Status Inconsistency: A Body of Negative Evidence / Elton F. Jackson and others -- A Configurational Approach to Contingent Consistency in the Attitude-Behavior Relationship / Alan C. Acock and others -- Technology and Social Behavior of Workers in Four Countries: A Sociotechnical Perspective / William H. Form -- The Division of Labor: A Post-Durkheimian Analytical View / Theodore D. Kemper -- Differentials in Marital Instability: 1970 / Larry L. Bumpass and others -- Status Perceptions / C. Norman Alexander, Jr. -- Female Intergenerational Occupational Mobility: Comparisons of Patterns? / Elizabeth M. Havens. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 1 :   |a Loss of Power / James S. Coleman -- Monothetic and Polythetic Typologies and their Relation to Conceptualization, Measurement and Scaling / Kenneth D. Bailey -- Do Christian Beliefs Cause Anti-Semitism? / Russell Middleton -- Do Christian Beliefs Cause Anti-Semitism?--A Comment / Charles Y. Glock and others -- Do Christian Beliefs Cause Anti-Semitism?: Response / Russell Middleton -- The Development of Political Orientations among Black and White Children / Anthony M. Orum and others -- Income and Veteran Status: Variations Among Mexican Americans, Blacks and Anglos / Harley L. Browning, and others -- Minority Group Status and Fertility: The Irish / Robert E. Kennedy, Jr. -- Occupational Experience and Psychological Functioning: An Assessment of Reciprocal Effects / Melvin L. Kohn and others -- Managerial Mobility Motivations and Central Life Interests / Daniel R. Goldman -- Chemists in British Universities: A Study of the Reward System in Science / S. S. Blume and others -- A Re-Examination of Hernes' Model on the Process of Entry into First Marriage for United States Women, Cohorts 1891-1945 / Donald W. Hastings and others -- Political Overconformity by Upwardly Mobile American Men / Andrew Hopkins. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 2 :   |a Bureaucracy and Modernization in China: The Maoist Critique / Martin King Whyte -- On the Use of the Mass Media for Important Things / Elihu Katz, and others -- Technology and Household Configuration in Urban Africa: The Bassa of Monrovia / W. Penn Handwerker -- Social Change, Migration and Family Interaction in Brazil / Bernard C. Rosen -- New Directions in the Study of Community Elites / Edward O. Laumann and others -- The Ecological Approach in Measuring Community Power Concentration: An Analysis of Hawley's MPO Ratio / James M. Williams -- Some Methodological Issues in Cohort Analysis of Archival Data / Karen Oppenheim Mason, and others -- Psychological Reductionism, Methodological Individualism, and Large-Scale Problems / Murray Webster, Jr. -- Symbolic Interaction as a Pragmatic Perspective: The Bias of Emergent Theory / Joan Huber. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 3 :   |a Causal Models and Social Indicators: Toward the Development of Social Systems Models / James G. Anderson -- Trends in the Occupational Mobility of U.S. Men, 1962-1970 / Robert M. Hauser and others -- On Urban Alienations and Anomie: Powerlessness and Social Isolation / Claude S. Fischer -- Education and Prejudice or Education and Response-Set?/ Mary R. Jackman -- The Invocation of Legal Norms: An Empirical Investigation of Durkheim and Weber / B. C. Cartwright and others -- On Phenomenological Sociology / James L. Heap and others -- Social Problems, Problematic Situations, and Quasi-Theories / John P. Hewitt and others -- Ministerial Roles and Social Actionist Stance: Protestant Clergy and Protest in the Sixties / Hart M. Nelsen, and others -- On Hummon's Mathematical Formulation of Blau's Theory of Differentiation in Organizations / Foster G. Dieckhoff. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 4 :   |a Classic on Classic: Parsons' Interpretation of Durkheim / Whitney Pope -- Axiomatic Theory, Informative Value of Propositions, and Derivation Rules of Ordinary Language / Siamak Movahedi and others -- Functional Alternatives and Economic Development: An Empirical Example of Permanent Employment in Japan / Robert E. Cole -- Education and Mobility: From Achievement to Ascription / Barbara Jacobson and others -- Group Disorders in the Public Schools / Paul Ritterband and others -- System Size and Ruling Elites / Bruce H. Mayhew -- Size and Ruling Elites: Effects of System Growth on Power Structures / Maximilian H. vonBroembsen and others -- System Size and Structural Differentiation in Formal Organizations: An Alternative Baseline Generator / David A. Specht -- Causal Chain Models for the Socioeconomic Career / Jonathan Kelley -- Ordinal Regression? A Comment / K. I. MacDonald -- Hardship and Collective Violence in France: A Comment / Charles N. Halaby -- How to Get from Here to There / David Snyder and others -- Exchange as Symbolic Interaction: For What? / Carrell W. Abbott, and others -- On the Reification of Paradigms: Reply to Abbott, Brown, and Crosbie / Peter Singelmann -- Comments on Hope's Mobility and Fertility Paper / Miles E. Simpson. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 5 :   |a A Cross-Species Comparison of Status in Small Established Groups / Allan Mazur -- A Behavioral Model of Man: Propositions and Implications / John H. Kunkel and others -- Some Developmental Interpersonal Dynamics Through Childhood / H. W. Smith -- Disturbance in the Self-Image at Adolescence / Roberta G. Simmons, and others -- An Interpretation of the Relation Between Objective and Subjective Social Status / Mary R. Jackman and others -- A Theory of Middleman Minorities / Edna Bonacich -- The Potential for Residential Integration in Cities and Suburbs: Implications for the Busing Controversy / Albert I. Hermalin and others -- The Causes of Racial Disorders: A Grievance-Level Explanation / William R. Morgan and others -- Attitude and Action: A Field Experiment Joined to a General Population Survey / Robert Brannon, others -- Voluntary Associations and Minority Status: A Comparative Analysis of Anglo, Black, and Mexican Americans / J. Allen Williams, Jr., and others. 
505 0 |t 1973 Nº 6 :   |a Presidential Address: Some Problems in Role Analysis / Mirra Komarovsky -- The Politics of Birth Practices: A Strategic Analysis / Karen E. Paige and others -- A Dip in Deaths Before Ceremonial Occasions: Some New Relationships Between Social Integration and Mortality / David P. Phillips and others -- The Internal Stratification of the Working Class: System Involvements of Auto Workers in Four Countries / William H. Form -- Social Networks and Voting: The Resurrection of a Research Agenda / Carl A. Sheingold -- The Assembling Process: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination / Clark McPhail and others -- Values and Violence: A Test of the Subculture of Violence Thesis / Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach -- Environment, Technology, and the Administrative Intensity of Manufacturing Organizations / John Henry Freeman -- Two Sources of Error in Ecological Correlations / John L. Hammond -- Non-random Exogenous Variables in Path Analysis / David L. Klemmack, and others. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 1 :   |a Competition in Science / Warren O. Hagstrom -- The Structural Implications of Social System Size: A Three-Level Analysis / John D. Kasarda -- Political Democracy and Social Equality: A Comparative Analysis / Robert W. Jackman -- Poverty Status and Receipt of Welfare Among Migrants and Nonmigrants in Large Cities / Larry H. Long -- The Changing Role of a Political Boss in a Puerto Rican Migrant Community / Lloyd H. Rogler -- Social Class and Corporal Punishment in Childrearing: A Reassessment / Howard S. Erlanger -- Individual Resources and Mental Hospitalization: A Comparison and Evaluation of the Societal Reaction and Psychiatric Perspectives / Walter R. Gove and others -- News as Purposive Behavior: On the Strategic Use of Routine Events, Accidents, and Scandals / Harvey Molotch and others -- Level of Occupational Aspiration: An Empirical Analysis / Archibald O. Haller, others -- Professionalism and Role Making in a Service Organization: A Longitudinal Investigation / William J. Haga, others -- Group Disorders in the Public School: A Comment / James P. Pitts -- More on School Disorders / Paul Ritterband and others -- Baseline Models of System Structure / Bruce H. Mayhew -- On Baseline Models of System Structure / David A. Specht -- Comment on The Reward System in Science / Michael A. Malec -- A Response to Malec / Stuart S. Blume and others. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 2 :   |a Inequality and Social Structure: A Comparison of Marx and Weber / Reinhard Bendix -- A Causal Modelling Approach to the Study of a Community Elite's Influence Structure / Edward O. Laumann, and others -- Revival Religion and Antislavery Politics -- Age Stratification and Age Conflict in Political Life / Anne Foner -- Sex, Socialization and Politics / Anthony M. Orum, and others -- College Effects on Educational and Occupational Attainments / Duane F. Alwin -- The Seriousness of Crimes: Normative Structure and Individual Differences / Peter H. Rossi, andothers -- Honor, Normative Ambiguity and Gang Violence / Ruth Horowitz and others -- Mental Hospitalization as a Reinforcement Process / William W. Eaton, Jr. -- Emergent Issues in the Attitude-Behavior Consistency Controversy / Allen E. Liska -- On the Empirical Evaluation of Certain Logical Forms of Hypotheses Using Quasi-Independence as a Standard for Comparison / Leo A. Goodman -- Linking Form of Hypothesis to Type of Statistic: Comment / James D. Laing and others -- Forms of Hypothesis and Type of Statistic: A Reply / Tai S. Kang -- A Theory of Middleman Minorities: A Comment / Sheldon Stryker -- Reply to Comment by Stryker / Edna Bonacich -- On Modification of Interracial Interaction / James D. Preston and others -- On Modification of Interracial Interation: Rejoinder / Elizabeth G. Cohen and others -- Comments on Heap and Roth On Phenomenological Sociology / Burkart Holzner -- Reply to Holzner / James L. Heap. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 3 :   |a The Occupational and Marital Mobility of Women / Andrea Tyree and others -- Race, Socialization and Mobility in Educational and Early Occupational Attainment / James N. Porter -- The Civilian Earnings of White and Black Draftees and Nonveterans / Phillips Cutright -- Community Attachment in Mass Society / John D. Kasarda and others -- The Influence of Suggestion on Suicide: Substantive and Theoretical Implications of the Werther Effect / David P. Phillips -- A Gaming Approach to Crowd Behavior / Richard A. Berk -- Estimation from Grouped Observations / Michael T. Hannan and others -- The Structure of Interorganizational Elite Cooptation: Interlocking Corporate Directorates / Michael Patrick Allen -- Role Commitment Processes and the American Catholic Priesthood / Richard A. Schoenherr and others -- An Experimental Analysis of Some Structural Determinants of Equitable and Inequitable Exchange Relations / Robert L. Burgess and others -- The Labelling Theory of Mental Illness / T. J. Scheff -- SI and Emergent Theory: A Reexamination / Raymond L. Schmitt -- On Methodology and Craftsmanship in the Criticism of Sociological Perspectives / Gregory P. Stone, and others -- The Emergency of Emergent Theory / Joan Huber -- Comment on A Behavioral Model of Man: Propositions and Implications / Penelope Greene -- Models and Probabilities: Reply to Greene / Richard H. Nagasawa and others. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 4 :   |a Professional Reform Organizations and the Symbolic Representation of the Poor / Joseph Helfgot -- Differential Fertility, Unwanted Fertility, and Racial Trends in Occupational Achievement / Samuel H. Preston -- Unionization and Racial Income Inequality in the Metropolis / Richard Child Hill -- National Development, Mother Tongue Diversity, and the Comparative Study of Nations / Stanley Lieberson and others -- Moscow in 1897 as a Preindustrial City: A Test of the Inverse Burgess Zonal Hypothesis / Walter F. Abbott -- The Honoring of Accounts / Philip W. Blumstein, others -- Toward a Theory of Role Accumulation / Sam D. Sieber -- Norms and Counter-Norms in a Select Group of the Apollo Moon Scientists: A Case Study of the Ambivalence of Scientists / Ian I. Mitroff -- Productivity Differences Among Scientists: Evidence for Accumulative Advantage / Paul D. Allison and others -- The J-Curve and Power Struggle Theories of Collective Violence / James Chowning Davies -- On Debating and Falsifying Theories of Collective Violence / David Snyder and others. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 5 :   |a Presidential Address: Parameters of Social Structure / Peter M. Blau -- Homogamy, Propinquity and Segregation: A Re-Evaluation / Ceri Peach -- Structural Antecedents of the Shape of Strikes: A Comparative Analysis / David W. Britt and others -- City Effects on Socioeconomic Achievements: The Case of Large Cities / Charles W. Mueller -- Sex Differences in the Educational Attainment Process / Karl L. Alexander and others -- Patterns of Intergenerational Mobility of Females Through Marriage / Norval D. Glenn, and others -- Social and Demographic Factors in American Political Party Affiliations / David Knoke and others -- Regional Subculture and Homicide: An Examination of the Gastil-Hackney Thesis / Colin Loftin and others -- Aestheticism and Social Structure: Style and Social Network in the Dandy Life / Thomas Spence Smith -- Increasing Mail Questionnaire Response: A Four State Comparison / Don A. Dillman, and others -- Comment on Internal Stratification of the Working Class / James F. Petras and others -- The Political Crisis of Argentine Workers or of American Professors? / William H. Form -- A Comment on Attitude-Behavior Consistency... / Stephen Magura -- Attitude-Behavior Consistency: Reply to Magura / Allen E. Liska. 
505 0 |t 1974 Nº 6 :   |a Art As Collective Action / Howard S. Becker -- Bringing Beasts Back In: Toward a Biosocial Theory of Aggression / Pierre L. van den Berghe -- Stratification Processes and Outcomes in England and the U.S. / Alan C. Kerckhoff -- American Big Business Ideology: A Content Analysis of Executive Speeches / Maynard S. Seider -- On Using Informants: A Technique for Collecting Quantitative Data and Controlling Measurement Error in Organization Analysis / John Seidler -- Participation and Leadership in Small Groups / Peter J. Burke -- On the Nature and Purpose of Ascription / Theodore D. Kemper -- Seriousness Weights in an Index of Crime / Alfred Blumstein -- Some Empirical Patterns in a Riot Process / Margaret J. Abudu Stark, and others -- Distinguishing Between Contagion, Heterogeneity and Randomness in Stochastic Models / Mitchell H. Taibleson -- A Comment on the Effect of Duration on Intragenerational Social Mobility / Larry Schroeder -- On the Relationship Between Mathematical Models and Empirical Data, and the Relationship Between Duration of Stay and Subsequent Mobility / David D. McFarland -- System Level and System Property / James J. Noell -- On Social System Properties: An Alternative View / John D. Kasarda -- Non-Random Exogenous Variables in Path Analysis: A Comment / William T. Bielby and others -- Non-Random Exogenous Variables in Path Analysis: A Rejoinder to the Comment by Bielby and Kluegel / Lawrence S. Mayer -- On Telling Who's Crazy / Gwynn Nettler. 
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 1 :   |a Disclaimers / John P. Hewitt and others -- A Re-Examination of the Cross-Cultural Principles of Task Segregation and Sex Role Differentiation in the Family / Joel Aronoff and others -- The American Family in the Preindustrial Period: From Base Lines in History to Change / Herman R. Lantz, and others -- The Decomposition of Effects in Path Analysis / Duane F. Alwin and others -- The Stratification of Socialization Processes / James E. Rosenbaum -- School District Organization and Student Achievement / Charles E. Bidwell and others -- Imprisonment and the Expected Value of Criminal Choice: A Specification and Test of Aspects of the Labeling Perspective / Anthony R. Harris -- Biasing Influences on Drug Arrest Records: Implications for Deviance Research / Lois B. DeFleur -- Moral Freedom Through Understanding in Durkheim / Jere Cohen -- Comment on Parsons' Interpretation of Durkheim and on Moral Freedom Through Understanding in Durkheim / Talcott Parsons -- Parsons on Durkheim, Revisited / Whitney Pope -- Voluntary Associations and Minority Status: Comment and Extension / Frank Clemente and others -- Compensatory and Ethnic Community Theories: Are They Generalizable? / J. Allen Williams, Jr., and others. 
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 2 :   |a Political Alienation in America, 1952-1968 / James S. House and others -- Socio-Historical Model and Developmental Theory: Charismatic Community, Charisma of Reason and the Counterculture / Guenther Roth -- Cycles in Symbol Production: The Case of Popular Music / Richard A. Peterson and others -- Sex and the Process of Status Attainment: A Comparison of Working Women and Men / Donald J. Treiman and others -- Race and Family Social Standing / William A. Sampson and others -- Growth and Decline Processes in Organizations / John Freeman and others -- De-Parsonizing Weber: A Critique of Parsons' Interpretation of Weber's Sociology / Jere Cohen, and others -- The Labelling Theory of Mental Illness: A Reply to Scheff / Walter R. Gove -- Comment on The Labelling Theory of Mental Illness / Robert L. Chauncey. 
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 3 :   |a Institutional Setting and Industrial Conflict: Comparative Analyses of France, Italy and the United States / David Snyder -- Temporal Change in Occupational Mobility: Evidence for Men in the United States / Robert M. Hauser, and others -- Two Markov Models of Open System Occupational Mobility: Underlying Conceptualizations and Empirical Tests / Shelby Stewman -- Models of Status Inconsistency and Social Mobility Effects / Keith Hope -- Status Inequality and Stress in Marriage / Leonard I. Pearlin -- Generation and Family Effects in Value Socialization / Vern L. Bengtson -- Expectations, Evaluations and Equity / Karen S. Cook -- Revitalization Movements and Social Structure: Some Quantitative Tests / Michael P. Carroll -- Contextual Effects in the High School Attainment Process / Karl Alexander and Bruce K. Eckland. 
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 4 :   |a On the Divergence of Weber and Durkheim: A Critique of Parsons' Convergence Thesis / Whitney Pope, and others -- The Market, Tradition and Peasant Rebellion: The Case of Romania in 1907 / Daniel Chirot and others -- Why Ascription? Parts of a More or Less Formal Theory of the Functions and Dysfunctions of Sex Roles / Gerald Marwell -- The Structure of Intragenerational Mobility / Aage B. Sørensen -- The Occupational Achievement Process, 1940-1949: A Cohort Analysis / Angela Lane -- A Comparison of Men's and Women's Intergenerational Mobility in the United States / Ivan D. Chase -- Party Class Images and the Class Vote in Canada / Rick Ogmundson -- The Internal Stratification of the Working Class: A Reanalysis / Kenneth I. Spenner -- Determinants of Career Plans: Institutional Versus Interpersonal Effects / Ephraim Yuchtman (Yaar) and others -- The Internal Stratification of the Working Class: A Reanalysis / William H. Form. 
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 5 :  
505 0 |t 1975 Nº 6 :   |a Presidential Address: Two Methods in Search of a Substance / Lewis A. Coser -- Social Structural and Psychological Antecedents of Self-Estrangement and Powerlessness / Luther B. Otto and and others -- The Effects of International Economic Dependence on Development and Inequality: A Cross-National Study / Christopher Chase-Dunn -- Cultural Conceptions, Mental Disorders and Social Roles: A Comparison of Germany and America / J. Marshall Townsend -- Socioeconomic Status and Criminal Sentencing: An Empirical Assessment of a Conflict Proposition / Theodore G. Chiricos and others -- Components of Sustenance Organization and Nonmetropolitan Population Change: a Human Ecological Investigation / W. Parker Frisbie and others -- Socioeconomic Status and Religious Participation / Charles W. Mueller and others -- Race and Socioeconomic Segregation / Brigitte Mach Erbe -- A Structural Control Model of Organizational Change / Norman P. Hummon, and others -- Productivity Among Scientists: A Replication and Elaboration / Michael A. Faia -- Reply to Faia / Paul D. Allison and others -- Is There a Subculture of Violence? / Stephen Magura -- Reply to Magura / Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach -- An Experimental Analysis of Some Structural Determinants of Equitable and Inequitable Exchange Relations / Frank Newport -- Reply to Newport / Robert L. Burgess and others -- An Untested Hypothesis: The Effect of Size of Public Assistance Benefits on Migration / William W. Philliber and others. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 1 :   |a Power and Mobilization in the Urban Community: Reconsidering the Ecological Approach / James R. Lincoln -- The Literary Rhetoric of Science: Comedy and Pathos in Drinking Driver Research / Joseph Gusfield -- Advanced Capitalism and Black/White Race Relations in the United States: A Split Labor Market Interpretation / Edna Bonacich -- The Occupational Status Attainment Processes of Males and Females / Mckee J. McClendon -- Working Wives: 1940-1960 / Linda J. Waite -- Determinants of Administrative Control: A Test of a Theory With Japanese Factories / Phelps Tracy and others -- Regional Differences in Prejudice / Russell Middleton -- Career Attributes and Network Structure: A Blockmodel Study of a Biomedical Research Specialty / Ronald L. Brieger -- Specification of Models for Organizational Effectiveness / Michael T. Hannan, and others -- School District Effects on Academic Achievement: A Reconsideration / Karl L. Alexander and others -- Reply to Hannan, Freeman and Meyer, and Alexander and Griffin / Charles E. Bidwell and others. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 2 :   |a Traditional Religion in Contemporary Society: A Theory of Local-Cosmopolitan Plausibility / Wade Clark Roof -- Occupational Income and the Effects of Minority Competition and Segregation: A Reanalysis and Some New Evidence / David Snyder and others -- Intended Childbearing and Labor Force Participation of Young Women: Insights from Nonrecursive Models / Linda J. Waite and others -- Dual Occupation Families and Migration / R. Paul Duncan and others -- Populism and Lynching in Louisiana, 1889-1896: A Test of Erikson's Theory of the Relationship between Boundary Crises and Repressive Justice / James M. Inverarity -- Racial and Class Prejudice: Their Relative Effects on Protest Against School Desegregation / Micheal W. Giles, and others -- Mainland Control of Manufacturing and Reward for Bilingualism in Puerto Rico / John Angle -- Crowding and Family Relations / Alan Booth and others -- Determinants of Coordination Modes within Organizations / Andrew H. Van De Ven, and others -- Rewards, Resources, and the Rate of Mobility: A Nonstationary Multivariate Stochastic Model / Nancy Brandon Tuma -- On House and Mason's Study of Alienation / Avery M. Guest -- Reply to Guest / William M. Mason and others -- Family Role Differentiation and Women's Subsistence Contribution / Martin King Whyte. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 3 :   |a Emergent Ethnicity: A Review and Reformulation / William L. Yancey, and others -- Racial Discrimination and White Gain / Albert Szymanski -- Black-White Differences in Educational Attainment / Alejandro Portes and others -- Race, Commitment to Deviance, and Spoiled Identity / Anthony R. Harris -- Toward a Theory of Criminal Deterrence / Matthew Silberman -- Sexual Inequalities and Socioeconomic Achievement in the U.S., 1962-1973 / David L. Featherman and others -- The Utility of Education and Attractiveness for Females' Status Attainment Through Marriage / Patricia Ann Taylor and others -- Occupational Mobility in Industrial Societies: A Comparative Analysis of Differential Access to Occupational Ranks in Seventeen Countries / Lawrence E. Hazelrigg and others -- Structural Determinants of Fertility in Latin America: 1800-1970 / Phillips Cutright, and others -- Social Class and Parental Values for Children: A Partial Replication and Extension of the Kohn Thesis / James D. Wright and others -- Social Class and Parental Values: Another Confirmation of the Relationship / Melvin L. Kohn -- Reply to Kohn / James D. Wright and Sonia R. Wright -- A Misapplication of Biological Concepts and Data / Usher Fleising -- Throwing the Beast Back Out: A Closer Look at Van Den Berghe's Beast / Sandra Maryanski Turner, and others -- Reply to Fleising and Labovitz, and Turner, Turner and Fix / Pierre L. van den Berghe -- Rules and Examples in Lay and Professional Psychiatry: An Ethnomethodological Comment on the Scheff-Gove Controversy / Allen W. Imershein and others -- Tests of the Size-Density Hypothesis: A Caution / John G. Fox. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 4 :   |a Change in U.S. Women's Sex-Role Attitudes, 1964-1974 / Karen Oppenheim Mason, and others -- Sex Differences in Status Attainment in Science: The Case of the Postdoctoral Fellowship / Barbara F. Reskin -- State Production of Social Knowledge: Patterns in Government Financing of Academic Social Research / Michael Useem -- Further Considerations on the Methodological Analysis of Segregation Indices / Charles F. Cortese, and others -- The World-Economy and the Distribution of Income Within States: A Cross-National Study / Richard Rubinson -- Deviance and Moral Boundaries / Pat Lauderdale -- Profit and Nonprofit Orientations and the Differentiations-Coordination Hypothesis for Organizations: A Study of Small General Hospitals / William A. Rushing -- Community Power and Decision Making: A Replication and Extension of Hawley / Richard A. Smith -- Community Structure and Leadership Arrangements: A Multidimensional Analysis / Michael D. Grimes, and others -- Failure in Sport / Donald W. Ball -- Quantitative Testing and Revitalization Behavior: On Carroll's Explanation of the Ghost Dance / Kaye Brown -- The Solution and Interpretation of Differential Equation Models / Robert L. Kaufman -- On Theory in Collective Behavior and Empirical Patterns in a Riot Process / Robert A. Stallings. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 5 :   |a Structural Characteristics of Cities and the Severity of Racial Disorders / Seymour Spilerman -- On Quality of Life / Elihu M. Gerson -- Inequality in the Military: An Examination of Promotion Time for Black and White Enlisted Men / John Sibley Butler -- Face-to-Face: The Alienating Effects of Class, Status and Power Divisions / W. Peter Archibald -- Aligning Actions / Randall Stokes and others -- Recent Pattern of Secularization: A Problem of Generations? / Robert Wuthnow -- Counterculture and Dominant Culture Values: A Cross-National Analysis of the Underground Press and Dominant Culture Magazines / James L. Spates -- A Practitioner's Perspective on the Index of Dissimilarity / Karl E. Taeuber and others -- On Bias in Drug Arrest Records / Roy L. Austin -- Cohort Analysts' Futile Quest: Statistical Attempts to Separate Age, Period and Cohort Effects / Norval D. Glenn -- William M. Mason, and others -- On the Use of Ordinal Data in Correlation Analysis / David M. Grether -- Stratification and Risk-Taking: A Further Negative Replication of Cancian's Theory / Denton E. Morrison, and others. 
505 0 |t 1976 Nº 6 :   |a Presidential Address: Sociology for Whom? / Alfred McClung Lee -- Violent Acts and Violent Times: A Comparative Approach to Postwar Homicide Rates / Dane Archer and others -- Selection and Allocation Within Schools: Some Causes and Consequences of Curriculum Placement / Karl L. Alexander and others -- Status Attainment and Status Maintenance: A Study of Stratification in Old Age / John C. Henretta and others -- Ambiguity and Interchangeability in Role Attribution: The Effect of Alter's Response / Ralph H. Turner and others -- Class Segments: Agrarian Property and Political Leadership in the Capitalist Class of Chile / Maurice Zeitlin, and others -- Social Assimilation Among American Catholic National-Origin Groups / Richard D. Alba -- Ambivalence as a Sociological Explanation: The Case of Cultural Explanations of Alcohol Problems / Robin Room -- The News' Manufacture of Sociological Data / Gaye Tuchman -- On Aronoff and Crano's Re-Examination of the Cross-Cultural Principles of Task Segregation and Sex Role Differentiation in the Nuclear Family / Michael P. Carroll -- Measuring Corporate and Individual Power: Finding Coleman's Lost Power / Leslie A. Hayduk. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 1 :   |a Sex and Theories of Deviance: Toward a Functional Theory of Deviant Type-Scripts / Anthony R. Harris -- Normal Homicides and the Law / Victoria Lynn Swigert and others -- Marxist Class Categories and Income Inequality / Erik Olin Wright and others -- Structural and Exchange Components of Vertical Mobility / McKee J. McClendon -- A Theoretical Model for the Interpretation of Tables of Social Mobility / James C. McCann -- Sex Roles and Interpersonal Behavior in Task-Oriented Groups / B. F. Meeker and others -- Conflict Intensity, Media Sensitivity and the Validity of Newspaper Data / David Snyder and others -- Work Values and Job Rewards: A Theory of Job Satisfaction / Arne L. Kalleberg -- Keeping the Faith or Pursuing the Good Life: A Study of the Consequences of Participation in the Civil Rights Movement / James M. Fendrich -- A Modest Test of an Immodest Theory: The Functional Theory of Stratification / Leonard Broom and others -- A Critical Celebration of Gusfield's The Literary Rhetoric of Science / Michael A. Overington -- Socioeconomic Status and Criminal Sentences: Is There an Association? / David F. Greenberg -- Is There a Class Bias in Criminal Sentencing? / Andrew Hopkins -- On Methodology, Theory and Ideology / Charles E. Reasons. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 2 :   |a Trends in Racial Inequalities: Have the Gains of the 1960s Disappeared in the 1970s? / Reynolds Farley -- Legitimating Myths and Educational Organization: The Relationship Between Organizational Ideology and Formal Structure / David H. Kamens -- Political Witch Hunts: The Sacred and the Subversive in Cross-National Perspective / Albert James Bergesen -- Social Reform Organizations and Subsequent Careers of Participants: A Follow-Up Study of Early Participants in the OEO Legal Services Program / Howard S. Erlanger -- Insurgency of the Powerless: Farm Worker Movements (1946-1972) / J. Craig Jenkins and others -- Social Change and the Family: Los Angeles, California, 1850-1870 / Barbara Laslett -- Deterrence as Social Control: The Legal and Extralegal Production of Conformity / Robert F. Meier and others -- The Deterrence Doctrine and the Perceived Certainty of Legal Punishments / Maynard L. Erickson, and others -- Status, Inequality and Innovation: The Green Revolution in Andra Pradesh, India / John W. Gartrell -- Arms Races: A Test of Two Models / Robert L. Hamblin, and others -- Populism and Lynching in Louisiana / Richard P. Bagozzi -- Southern Violence and the Political Process / Ira M. Wasserman -- Mechanical Solidarity, Repressive Justice, and Lynchings in Louisiana / Whitney Pope and and others -- Typological Invalidity in Generation and Family Effects in Value Socialization / Maureen J. McConaghy -- Another Look at Modernity Scales: Reanalysis of the Convergent and Discriminant Validities of the Armer, Kahl, Smith and Inkeles, and Schnaiberg Scales / Jere Cohen and others. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 3 :   |a The Sociology of Women's Economic Role in the Family / Valerie Kincade Oppenheimer -- The Changing American Family from the Preindustrial to the Industrial Period: A Final Report / Herman Lantz, and others -- The American Perception of Class and Status / Reeve Vanneman and others -- Class, Status, and Reactive Ethnic Cleavages: The Social Bases of Political Regionalism / Charles Ragin -- The Effect of Political Democracy and Social Democracy on Equality in Industrial Societies: A Cross-National Comparison / Christopher Hewitt -- The Ethnic Vice Industry, 1880-1944 / Ivan Light -- The Expansion of National Educational Systems: Tests of a Population Ecology Model / François Nielsen and others -- Scientific Productivity and the Reward Structure of Science / Barbara F. Reskin -- A Computer Simulation of the Emergence of Consensus in Crowds Norris R. Johnson and others -- Social Exchange: Predicting Transactional Outcomes in Five-Event, Four-Person Systems / H. Andrew Michener, and others. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 4 :   |a The Production of Cynical Knowledge in Organizations / Fred H. Goldner, and others -- The Group Structure of Cocitation Clusters: A Comparative Study / Nicholas C. Mullins, and others -- The Realism of Educational Ambitions in England and the United States / Alan C. Kerckhoff -- Intelligence and Delinquency: A Revisionist Review / Travis Hirschi and others -- Rediscovering Delinquency: Social History, Political Ideology and the Sociology of Law / John Hagan and others -- Subjective Class Identification: A Multiple Indicator Approach / James R. Kluegel, and others -- Democracy and Social Inequality: A Reanalysis / Richard Rubinson and others -- Social Status, Status Inconsistency and Psychological Stress / Carlton A. Hornung -- Distributive Justice and Earned Income / Guillermina Jasso and others -- Proof? No. Evidence? No. A Skeptic's Comment on Inverarity's Use of Statistical Inference / Richard A. Berk -- Use of the Multiple Indicators-Multiple Causes (MIMIC) Model / George W. Bohrnstedt -- Structural Control Models of Organizational Change: A Replication and Caveat / Richard L. Daft and others. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 5 :   |a Opening Encounters / Deborah Schiffrin -- Attribution and Identity Construction: Some Comments / Jean M. Guiot -- Marital Status, Life-Strains and Depression / Leonard I. Pearlin and others -- Size, Centralization and Organizational Adoption of Innovations / Michael K. Moch and others -- The Role of Institutionalization in Cultural Persistence / Lynne G. Zucker -- Societal Reaction to Deviants: The Case of Criminal Defendants / Ilene Nagel Bernstein, and others -- Patterns of Urban Dominance: The U.S. in 1890 / Mark Abrahamson and others -- Age, Fertility Expectations and Plans for Employment / Ross M. Stolzenberg and and others -- Ecological Approach to Migration Reexamined / David F. Sly and others -- The Export of Raw Materials and Economic Growth: A Cross-National Study / Jacques Delacroix -- Methods of Analysis in the Study of the World-Economy / Robert L. Bach -- Cross-Sectionalism: Mismatching Theory and Model / Patrick H. Irwin -- Social Constructions and Urban Ethnicity / Hal B. Levine -- Neo-Ethnicity as Defensive Political Protest / Albert James Bergesen -- Is Community Alive and Well in the Inner City? / A. E. Luloff and others. 
505 0 |t 1977 Nº 6 :   |a Presidential Address: Countercultures and Social Change / J. Milton Yinger -- Situation versus Frame: The Interactionist and the Structuralist Analyses of Everyday Life / George Gonos -- The French Republican Calendar: A Case Study in the Sociology of Time / Eviatar Zerubavel -- Chinese Consumption of Foreign Commodities: A Comparative Perspective / Gary G. Hamilton -- Numbers Gambling Among Blacks: A Financial Institution / Ivan Light -- Notes on the Criminogenic Hypothesis: A Case Study of the American Liquor Industry / Norman K. Denzin -- Multiple Roles and Role Strain: Some Notes on Human Energy, Time and Commitment / Stephen R. Marks -- City Differences and Nondifferences in the Effect of Race and Sex on Occupational Distribution / Ross M. Stolzenberg and others -- A Social Indicator Model of Changes in the Occupational Structure of the United States: 1947-1974 / Fred C. Pampel, and others -- The Structure of Inequality and the Process of Attainment / Aage B. Sørensen. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 1 :   |a Night As Frontier / Murray Melbin -- The Diffusion of Collective Violence / Brian L. Pitcher, and others -- Women's Intergenerational Occupational Mobility / Rachel A. Rosenfeld -- Curriculum Tracking and Educational Stratification: Some Further Evidence / Karl L. Alexander, and others -- Marx's Theory of the Falling Rate of Profit: Towards a Dialectical Analysis of Structural Social Change / Richard P. Appelbaum -- Residential Segregation by Occupation and Race in Ten Urbanized Areas, 1950-1970 / Albert A. Simkus -- Race and Involvement in Common Law Personal Crimes / Michael J. Hindelang -- On the Interaction Between a Movement and Its Environment / Edward J. Walsh -- The Ecological Approach and Community Leadership / James R. Lincoln and others -- On Inequality in the Military / Robert M. Hauser -- Comparing Models of Mobility / Joel H. Levine. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 2 :   |a Equality, Success, and Social Justice in England and the United States / Robert V. Robinson and others -- Informed Consent: Consequences for Response Rate and Response Quality in Social Surveys / Eleanor Singer -- Determinants of Juvenile Court Dispositions: Ascriptive and Achieved Factors in Two Metropolitan Courts / Lawrence E. Cohen and others -- Formal and Substantive Voluntarism in the Work of Talcott Parsons: A Theoretical and Ideological Reinterpretation / Jeffrey C. Alexander -- Community Structure and Industrial Conflict: An Analysis of Strike Activity in SMSAs / James R. Lincoln -- Status Generalization: A Review and Some New Data / Murray Webster, Jr. and others -- Sex Differences in Children's Friendships / Donna Eder and others -- Suburban Social Status: Persistence or Evolution? / Avery M. Guest -- A Third Interpretation for the Generating Process of the Negative Binomial Distribution / William W. Eaton and others -- The Meaning of the IQ-Delinquency Relationship / Ronald L. Simons -- Internal Political Organization and the World Economy of Income Inequality / Steven Stack -- Deterrence and Social Control / Harold G. Grasmick and others -- Attribution, Goals, and Deviance / Joseph Harry and others. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 3 :   |a The Causes and Cost of Racial Exclusion from Job Authority / James R. Kluegel -- Class Power and State Policy: The Case of Large Business Corporations, Labor Unions and Governmental Redistribution in the American States / Alexander Hicks, and others -- Determinants and Behavioral Consequences of Psychological Modernity: Empirical Evidence from Costa Rica / Michael Armer and others -- Behaviorism on Verstehen and Erklaren / John D. Baldwin and others -- Explaining the Low Use of Health Services by the Poor: Costs, Attitudes, or Delivery Systems? / Diana B. Dutton -- Social Factors in Psychiatric Outcome: Toward the Resolution of Interpretive Controversies / R. Jay Turner and others -- The Sociogenesis of Psychological Disorder: Reexamining the Causal Issues with Longitudinal Data / Blair Wheaton -- Organizational Change in the American Foreign Service, 1925-1965: The Utility of Cohort Analysis / Theodore L. Reed -- Style as Social Process / Barbara Rosenblum -- Facets and Flaws of Hope's Diamond Model / James S. House. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 4 :   |a Factors Affecting Response Rates to Mailed Questionnaires: A Quantitative Analysis of the Published Literature / Thomas A. Heberlein and others -- A Cross-Cultural Study of Expressive and Instrumental Role Complementarity in the Family / William D. Crano and others -- Sex Differences in the Complexity of Children's Play and Games / Janet Lever -- The Transition to Adulthood: Sex Differences in Educational Attainment and Age at Marriage / Margaret Mooney Marini -- Institutionalization and Sick Role Identification Among the Elderly / John F. Myles -- Status Resources, Societal Reactions, and Type of Mental Hospital Admission / William A. Rushing -- Is Status Attainment Research Atheoretical? / Patrick M. Horan -- Nonrecursive Models of Labor Force Participation, Fertility Behavior and Sex Role Attitudes / Lynn Smith-Lovin and others -- A Rule for Inferring Individual-Level Relationships from Aggregate Data / Glenn Firebaugh -- The Variable Order of Events in the Life Course / Dennis P. Hogan -- On the Measurement of Segregation as a Random Variable / Douglas S. Massey -- Understanding the Standardized Index of Dissimilarity: Reply to Massey / Charles F. Cortese, and others -- Threats to Internal Validity in Burgess and Nielsen's Social Exchange Experiment / W. David Pierce and others -- The Effects of International Economic Dependence on Development: A Critique / Mark Stumpp, and others. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 5 :   |a The Hawthorne Experiments: First Statistical Interpretation / Richard Herbert Franke and others -- The Myth of Social Class and Criminality: An Empirical Assessment of the Empirical Evidence / Charles R. Tittle, and others -- Sex Differences in Soviet Earnings / Michael Swafford -- The Influence of Family Background on Intellectual Attainment / Sandra Scarr and others -- Cross Pressures During Socialization for Medicine / Israel Adler and others -- Stratification in a Dual Economy: A Sectoral Model of Earnings Determination / E. M. Beck, and others -- Power, Equity and Commitment in Exchange Networks / Karen S. Cook and others -- Cross-National Diffusion: The Effects of Canadian TV on Rural Minnesota Viewers / David E. Payne -- Black Political Participation in the United States: Some Recent Evidence / Nicholas L. Danigelis -- Black Subordination and White Economic Well-Being / Wayne J. Villemez -- White Workers' Loss from Racial Discrimination: Reply to Villemez / Albert Szymanski. 
505 0 |t 1978 Nº 6 :   |a The Presidential Address: Cumulative Change in Theory and in History / Amos H. Hawley -- The Ideology of Childhood and the State: Rules Distinguishing Children in National Constitutions, 1870-1970 / John Boli-Bennett and others -- Bringing the Boss Back In: Employer Size, Employee Schooling, and Socioeconomic Achievement / Ross M. Stolzenberg -- Cultural Effects on Organizational Structure: The Case of Japanese Firms in the United States / James R. Lincoln, and others -- White Enrollment Stability and School Desegregation: A Two-Level Analysis / Michael W. Giles -- Measures of Inequality / Paul D. Allison -- The Effect of Direct Government Involvement in the Economy on the Degree of Income Inequality: A Cross-National Study / Steven Stack -- Productivity and Academic Position in the Scientific Career / J. Scott Long -- Occupational Sex Identification and the Assessment of Male and Female Earnings Inequality / Steven D. McLaughlin -- Marxist and Organizational Approaches to Delinquency and the Sociology of Law: Crucial Problems in Testing the Perspectives / Pat Lauderdale and others -- Crass Conflict: A Reply to Lauderdale and Larson / John Hagan and others -- On the Use of Historical Documents and Evidence / Burton B. Silver. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 1 :   |a A Study of the Behavior of Law / Michael R. Gottfredson and others -- Common Sense in the Sociology of Law / Donald Black -- Theory and Research in the Sociology of Law / Michael R. Gottfredson and others -- Class as Conceived by Marx and Dahrendorf: Effects on Income Inequality and Politics in the United States and Great Britain / Robert V. Robinson and others -- Overcrowding in the Home: An Empirical Investigation of Its Possible Pathological Consequences / Walter R. Gove, and others -- Toward a Class-Dialectical Model of Power: An Empirical Assessment of Three Competing Models of Political Power / J. Allen Whitt -- Paradigms in Evolutionary Theory: The Sociobiological Model of Natural Selection / Jill S. Quadagno -- Size and Administrative Intensity in Nations / Patrick D. Nolan -- Possible Causes of the Apparent Sex Differences in Physical Health: An Empirical Investigation / Walter R. Gove and others -- Decision Making and Non-Decision Making in Cities: Some Implications for Community Structural Research / Richard A. Smith -- The Ghost Dance and the Policy of Land Allotment / Gail Landsman -- Rejoinder to Landsman / Michael P. Carroll -- The Effects of Political Participation and Socialist Party Strength on the Degree of Income Inequality / Steven Stack -- Dialectical Analysis and Closed Systems: Class Societies or World-Economy? / Walter L. Goldfrank -- Parsons's Voluntarism / John W. Heeren -- Once Again: The Case For Parsons's Voluntarism / Jeffrey C. Alexander -- 1970 Census Figures on Public Assistance Income: Some Comparative Figures From Alternate Sources / Christopher B. Norton -- The Ecological Approach and Community Leadership / Charles M. Bonjean, and others. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 2 :   |a The Founding of the American Sociological Review: The Anatomy of a Rebellion / Patricia Madoo Lengermann -- tructural Determinants of Urbanization in Asia and Latin America, 1950- 1970 / Glenn Firebaugh -- Values, Distributive Justice and Social Change / Irving Tallman and others -- Sex and Authority in the Workplace: The Causes of Sexual Inequality / Wendy C. Wolf and others -- The Antecedents of Community: The Economic and Institutional Structure of Urban Neighborhoods / William L. Yancey and others -- Race, Regional Labor Markets and Earnings / Toby L. Parcel -- Poverty and Infant Mortality in the United States / Steven L. Gortmaker -- Attitude and Behavior: A Specification of the Contingent Consistency Hypothesis / Kenneth H. Andrews and others -- Government Policy and Local Practice / Paul Attewell and others -- Equality, Success, and Social Justice in England and the United States: A Commentary and Critique / Alan C. Kerckhoff and others -- Confusion and Error in Kerckhoff and Parker: A Reply / Robert V. Robinson and others -- Another Look at the Black/White Trend in Unemployment Rates / Kay Oehler -- Still Another Look at Black/White Unemployment: Reply to Oehler / Edna Bonacich. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 3 :   |a Making it in America: Differences Between Eminent Blacks and White Ethnic Groups / Stanley Lieberson and others -- Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation and the Income of Women and Nonwhites / Paul Burstein -- The Variability of Paradigms in the Production of Culture: A Comparison of the Arts and Sciences / Remi Clignet -- Gaps and Glissandos: Inequality, Economic Development, and Social Mobility in 24 Countries / Andrea Tyree, and others -- Central City White Flight: Racial and Nonracial Causes / William H. Frey -- Mead vs. Blumer: The Divergent Methodological Perspectives of Social Behaviorism and Symbolic Interactionism / Clark McPhail and others -- Income Inequality in the Federal Civilian Government / Patricia A. Taylor -- Suburban Change and Persistence / Andrew Collver and others -- Income Inequality: A Cross-National Study of the Relationships Between MNC- Penetration, Dimensions of the Power Structure and Income Distribution / Volker Bornschier and others. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 4 :   |a The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational-Bureaucratic Models / Joyce Rothschild-Whitt -- The Religious Switcher in the United States / Frank Newport -- The Social Organization of the American Business Elite and Participation of Corporation Directors in the Governance of American Institutions / Michael Useem -- Political Democracy and the Timing of Development / Kenneth A. Bollen -- Social Change and Crime Rate Trends: A Routine Activity Approach / Lawrence E. Cohen and others -- Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and Fertility: A Reassessment / Frank D. Bean and others -- Ethnic Political Mobilization: The Welsh Case / Charles C. Ragin -- Social Learning and Deviant Behavior: A Specific Test of a General Theory / Ronald L. Akers, and others -- American Jewish Denominations: A Social and Religious Profile / Bernard Lazerwitz and others -- Organizational Theory and Cultural Intrusions into Organizations / Fred E. Katz -- Whose Status Counts? / Rodney Stark. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 5 :   |a The Structure of a National Elite Network / Gwen Moore -- The Open and Closed Question / Howard Schuman and others -- The Analysis of Oppositional Structures in Political Elites: Identifying Collective Actors / Edward O. Laumann and others -- Small Groups and Culture Creation: The Idioculture of Little League Baseball Teams / Gary Alan Fine -- Vertical Differentiation Among Occupations / Joe L. Spaeth -- Priest Resignations in a Lazy Monopoly / John Seidler -- Early Childbearing and Later Economic Well-Being / Sandra L. Hofferth and others -- Entrance into the Academic Career / J. Scott Long, and others -- Changes in the Sex Role Attitudes of Women, 1962-1977: Evidence from a Panel Study / Arland Thornton and others -- A Panel Model of Crime Rates and Arrest Rates / David F. Greenberg, and others -- The Use of Pearson's with Ordinal Data / Robert M. O'Brien -- Critique of a Recent Professional Put-Down of the Hawthorne Research / Walter I. Wardwell -- The Hawthorne Experiments: Re-View / Richard Herbert Franke -- On Gini's Mean Difference and Gini's Index of Concentration / Guillermina Jasso -- Deterrence and Social Control: A Reply to Grasmick and McLaughlin / Matthew Silberman. 
505 0 |t 1979 Nº 6 :   |a The Presidential Address: Measurement and Conceptualization Problems: The Major Obstacle to Integrating Theory and Research / H. M. Blalock, Jr. -- The Contradiction of Domination and Production in Bureaucracy: The Contribution of Organizational Efficiency to the Decline of the Roman Empire / Robert J. Antonio -- Inequality and Police Strength: Conflict Theory and Coercive Control in Metropolitan Areas / David Jacobs -- The Paradigm Concept and Sociology: A Critical Review / Douglas Lee Eckberg and others -- Suburban Status Evolution/Persistence: A Structural Model / John M. Stahura -- Entry into Early Adolescence: The Impact of School Structure, Puberty, and Early Dating on Self-Esteem / Roberta G. Simmons, and others -- Temporal Changes in Work Content / Kenneth I. Spenner -- White Movement to the Suburbs: A Comparison of Explanations / Harvey Marshall -- Correlates of Delinquency: The Illusion of Discrepancy between Self-Report and Official Measures / Michael J. Hindelang, and others -- Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on the Residential Segregation of Blacks and Spanish Americans in U.S. Urbanized Areas / Douglas S. Massey. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 1 :   |a A New Theory of Distributive Justice / Guillermina Jasso -- Sexual Embourgeoisment? Social Class and Sexual Activity: 1938-1970 / Martin S. Weinberg and others -- Sudden Wealth, Gratification and Attainment: Durkheim's Anomie of Affluence Reconsidered / Mark Abrahamson -- Industry Marginality and Female Employment: A New Appraisal / William P. Bridges -- The Flemish Movement in Belgium After World War II: A Dynamic Analysis / François Nielsen -- Reconciling Race and Class Differences in Self-Reported and Official Estimates of Delinquency / Delbert S. Elliott and others -- The Geography of Soviet Criminality / Louise Shelley -- Analyzing Collapsed Contingency Tables Without Actually Collapsing / Paul D. Allison -- Keynesian Government Intervention and Income Inequality / Robert W. Jackman -- The Case of the Missing-Values Card, and Other Mysteries: Another Look at the Effect of Government Spending on Income Inequality / Glenn Firebaugh -- Direct Government Involvement in the Economy: Theoretical and Empirical Extensions: Reply to Jackman and Firebaugh / Steven Stack -- Sociobiology and Paradigms in Evolutionary Theory / Robert Bolin and others. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 2 :   |a Fertility and Female Employment: Problems of Causal Direction / James C. Cramer -- Political Protest Orientations Among Black and White Adults / Larry Isaac, and others -- Beyond Methodology: The Place of Theory in Quantitative Historical Research / Barbara Laslett -- Firearms Ownership for Sport and Protection: Two Divergent Models / Alan J. Lizotte and others -- The Tacit Conventions of the Modernity School: An Analysis of Key Assumptions / William C. Rau -- The Transition to Adulthood as a Career Contingency / Dennis P. Hogan -- An Opportunity Labor Demand Model and Markovian Labor Supply Models: Comparative Tests in an Organization / Suresh L. Konda and others -- Truth Tests and Utility Tests: Decision-Makers' Frames of Reference for Social Science Research / Carol H. Weiss and others -- The Spatial Structure of Income Distribution in Rural Regions / David A. McGranahan -- Comparing Stratification Theories / Paul Attewell and others -- Synthesis and Comparison of Stratification Theories: A Reply / Robert V. Robinson and others -- Empirical Verification and Black's The Behavior of Law / John Braithwaite and others -- Trite But True / Michael R. Gottfredson and others -- Is the Status Structure in the United States Really More Fluid for Women Than for Men? / Norval D. Glenn and others -- The Impact of Outliers on Income Inequality / Robert W. Jackman -- In Defense of Microeconomic Theory / Michael W. Martin and others -- Does Microeconomic Theory Need a Defense? / Karen S. Cook, and others. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 3 :   |a Solidarity Model, Breakdown Model, and the Boston Anti-Busing Movement / Bert Useem -- Issues in the Comparative Measurement of Political Democracy / Kenneth A. Bollen -- Organizational Properties from Aggregate Data: Separating Individual and Structural Effects / James R. Lincoln and others -- Mead and Blumer: The Convergent Methodological Perspectives of Social Behaviorism and Symbolic Interactionism / Herbert Blumer -- Ex Cathedra Blumer or Ex Libris Mead? / Clark McPhail and others -- Education and Fertility: Implications for the Roles Women Occupy / Ronald R. Rindfuss, others -- Some Experimental Investigations of the Principles of Differential Association Through Deliberate Manipulations of the Structure of Service Systems / D. A. Andrews -- Social Class and Psychological Distress / Ronald C. Kessler and others -- Access to Interorganizational Networks as a Professional Resource / Jon Miller -- Beyond Misspecification in Sociological Analyses of Income Inequality / Erich Weede -- Darwin, Sociobiology and Sociology / Charles J. Morgan -- Comment on Walter R. Gove and Michael Hughes, Possible Causes of the Apparent Sex Differences in Physical Health / Lois M. Verbrugge -- Sex Differences in Physical Health and How Medical Sociologists View Illness / Walter R. Gove and others -- Ideology, Specificity, and the Coding of Legal Documents: What Do Measures of Constitutional Content Measure? / Ronnie Steinberg Ratner and others -- Constitutions as Ideology / John Boli-Bennett and others. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 4 :   |a Dependence, Inequality, and the Growth of the Tertiary: A Comparative Analysis of Less Developed Countries / Peter B. Evans and others -- Banks and Corporate Lending: An Analysis of the Impact of the Internal Structure of the Capitalist Class on The Lending Behavior of Banks / Richard E. Ratcliff -- Unconfounding the Confluence Model: A Test of Sibship Size and Birth-Order Effects on Intelligence / Lala Carr Steelman and others -- Race and Sex Differences in Career Dynamics / Rachel A. Rosenfeld -- Class and Income Inequality in Korea / Hagen Koo and others -- The Structure of Attitude Systems in the General Public: Comparisons of a Structural Equation Model / Charles M. Judd and others -- How Jews Avoid Alcohol Problems / Barry Glassner and others -- Three Parametric Techniques for Contingency Table Analysis: A Nontechnical Commentary / Michael Swafford -- Sex and Involvement in Deviance/Crime: A Quantitative Review of the Empirical Literature / Douglas A. Smith and others -- On Stratification in a Dual Economy / Robert M. Hauser -- Social Stratification in Industrial Society: Further Evidence for a Structural Alternative / E. M. Beck, and others. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 5 :   |a Heredity, Environment, and Public Policy Reconsidered / Christopher Jencks -- Bringing the Firms Back in: Stratification, Segmentation, and the Organization of Work / James N. Baron and others -- Crime and Poverty: Some Experimental Evidence From Ex-Offenders / Richard A. Berk, others -- Social Networks and Social Movements: A Microstructural Approach to Differential Recruitment / David A. Snow, and others -- The Differential Sentencing of White-Collar Offenders in Ten Federal District Courts / John Hagan, and others -- Testing a Structural Theory of Corporate Cooptation: Interorganizational Directorate Ties as a Strategy for Avoiding Market Constraints on Profits / Ronald S. Burt, and others -- The Effect of Sexual Stratification By Race on Official Reactions to Rape / Gary D. LaFree -- The Noninfluence of Family Background On Intellectual Attainment / Marcia Whicker Taylor -- Calling All Camps! The War is Over / Sandra Scarr and others -- The Effects of Crowding Found in The Toronto Study: Some Methodological and Empirical Questions / Walter R. Gove and others -- In Pursuit of Pathology: The Effects of Human Crowding / Alan Booth, and others -- In Pursuit of Preconceptions: A Reply to the Claim of Booth and His Colleagues That Household Crowding is Not an Important Variable / Walter R. Gove and others. 
505 0 |t 1980 Nº 6 :   |a The Presidential Address: The Challenge and Opportunities of Applied Social Research / Peter H. Rossi -- Social Process and Hierarchy Formation in Small Groups: A Comparative Perspective / Ivan D. Chase -- Weber's Last Theory of Capitalism: A Systematization / Randall Collins -- Immigration and the Expansion of Schooling in the United States, 1890-1970 / John H. Ralph and others -- The Meek Shall Not Inherit the Earth: Self-Evaluation and the Legitimacy of Stratification / L. Richard Della Fave -- Suburban Status Instability / Harvey M. Choldin, and others -- Generating Newsworthiness: The Interpretive Construction of Public Events / Marilyn Lester -- The Relay Assembly Test Room: An Alternative Statistical Interpretation / Robert Schlaifer -- Worker Productivity at Hawthorne / Richard Herbert Franke -- Welsh Political Mobilization: A Comment and a Note / James M. Lutz -- Aggregation Gain and Loss in Electoral Research / Charles C. Ragin. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 1 :   |a Profit Constraints on Managerial Autonomy: Managerial Theory and the Unmaking of the Corporation President / David R. James and others -- Dynamics of Formal Political Structure: An Event-History Analysis / Michael T. Hannan and others -- The Myth of Social Class and Criminality Reconsidered / John Braithwaite -- Does IQ Really Matter? A Study of the Use of IQ Scores for the Tracking of the Mentally Retarded / Richard A. Berk, and others -- Change and Stability in Educational Stratification / Robert D. Mare -- Demographic Antecedents of a Revitalization Movement: Population Change, Population Size, and the 1890 Ghost Dance / Russell Thornton -- Undesirable Life Events and Psychophysiological Distress: A Problem of Operational Confounding / Peggy A. Thoits -- The Effects of Household Density on Subgroups / Mark Baldassare -- Sex Differences in Health Status: A Reexamination of the Nurturant Role Hypothesis / Alfred C. Marcus and others -- Beliefs vs. Data: More on the Illness Behavior of Men and Women / Walter R. Gove and others -- Mobility and Economic Development Revisited / William L. Urton. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 2 :   |a Commitment and Detachment in Voluntary Associations / David Knoke -- Substantive Interpretations of Differential Equation Models / François Nielsen and others -- The Stratification of Metropolitan Suburbs, 1960-1970 / John R. Logan and others -- The Validity of Randomized Response for Sensitive Measurements / Paul E. Tracy and others -- Structural Determinants of Peripheral Urbanization: The Effects of International Dependence / Jeffrey Kentor -- Religio-Ethnic Effects on Attainments in the Early Career / Robin Stryker -- Pearson's R and Coarsely Categorized Measures / Kenneth A. Bollen and others -- The Meaning and Measurement of Income Inequality / David McGranahan -- On Theory and Measurement / David Jacobs -- Paradigm Analysis in Sociology: Clarifying the Issues / George Ritzer -- Clarifying Confusions about Paradigms: A Reply to Ritzer / Lester Hill, Jr and others. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 3 :   |a The Dictionary of Occupational Titles as a Source of Occupational Data / Pamela S. Cain and others -- Differentiation within the United States Capitalist Class: Workforce Size and Income Differences / Howard Aldrich and others -- Race and the War on Crime: The Sociopolitical Determinants of Municipal Police Expenditures in 90 non-Southern U.S. Cities / Pamela Irving Jackson and others -- The Public and Private Worlds of City Life / Claude S. Fischer -- Business Temporal Norms and Bereavement Behavior / Lois Pratt -- Nonconformity, Competence, and Influence in Groups: A Test of Two Theories / Cecilia L. Ridgeway -- Jasso on Distributive Justice / Karol Edward Sołtan -- Further Notes on the Theory of Distributive Justice / Guillermina Jasso -- Predicting Reponse Rates to Mailed Questionnaires / Klaus Eichner and others -- The Effectiveness of the Heberlein-Baumgartner Models for Predicting Response Rates to Mailed Questionnaires: European and U.S. Examples / Thomas A. Heberlein and others -- Discrepancies Between Self-Reported and Official Measures of Delinquency / Leroy C. Gould -- Measures of Inequality for Qualitative Variables and Concentration Curves / P. Krishnan -- Inequality Measures for Nominal Data / Paul D. Allison. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 4 :   |a At Sixes and Sevens: Occupational Status in the City of London from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century / Michael C. Burrage and others -- Social Resources and Strength of Ties: Structural Factors in Occupational Status Attainment / Nan Lin, and others -- Trends in Occupational Mobility in Canada and the United States: A Comparison / Hugh A. McRoberts and others -- Organizational Context and Scientific Productivity / J. Scott Long and others -- Trends in the Relationship Between Sex and Psychological Distress: 1957- 1976 / Ronald C. Kessler and others -- Trends in United States Men's and Women's Sex-Role Attitudes: 1972 to 1978 / Andrew Cherlin and others -- Variations in Sex-Race-Age-Specific Incidence Rates of Offending / Michael J. Hindelang -- A Dynamic Study of Change in a Regional Corporate Network / Joseph Galaskiewicz and others -- Reconfounding the Confluence Model: Is the Relationship of Sibship Size and Birth-Order to Intelligence an Artifact? / Alfred C. Hexter -- Family Structure and IQ: Artifact of Condition at Birth? / Lala Carr Steelman and others -- Career Patterns of Scientists: A Case for Complementary Data / Daryl E. Chubin, and others -- Firearms Ownership for Sport and Protection: Two Not So Divergent Models / Alan J. Lizotte, and others. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 5 :   |a Social Inequality and Predatory Criminal Victimization: An Exposition and Test of a Formal Theory / Lawrence E. Cohen, and others -- Social Control Theory and Delinquency / Michael D. Wiatrowski, and others -- Black-White Differences in the Educational Attainment Process: What Have We Learned? / Denise C. Gottfredson -- Racial Tolerance as a Function of Group Position / A. Wade Smith -- Social Mobility and Fertility: Two Effects in One / Gillian Stevens -- Dynamics of Organizational Expansion in National Systems of Education / Glenn R. Carroll -- Community Structure in Response to Population Growth and Decline: A Study in Ecological Organization / Glenn V. Fuguitt and others -- Effects of United States Presidential Elections on Suicide and Other Cases of Death / Myron Boor -- Measure for Measure: On the Use of Endogenous Ability Data in School-Process Research / Karl L. Alexander, and others -- Religious Conformity in an Age of Disbelief: Contextual Effects of Time, Denomination, and Family Processes Upon Church Decline and Apostasy / Hart M. Nelsen -- Social Class and Ethnic Segregation: A Reconsideration of Methods and Conclusions / Douglas S. Massey -- The Dimension(s) of Democracy: Further Issues in the Measurement and Effects of Political Democracy / Kenneth A. Bollen and others -- Political Involvement and Attitude Structure in the General Public / Charles M. Judd, and others -- New Methods Lead to Familiar Results / Steven S. Martin -- Interpreting New Methods in Attitude Structure Research / Michael A. Milburn and others -- Sex and Authority in the Workplace: A Replication and Critique / William P. Bridges and others -- Social Class and Emotional Distress / Beth E. Vanfossen, and others -- On the Use and Abuse of Aggregate Data in Analyzing Organizations / Marshall W. Meyer and others -- Levels of Causation and Levels of Data Collection in the Study of Organizational Properties / James R. Lincoln and others. 
505 0 |t 1981 Nº 6 :   |a Keeping up the Neighborhood: Estimating Net Effects of Zoning / Anne B. Shlay and others -- Stratification, Work, and Values: A Polish-United States Comparison / Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, and others -- Black Southern Student Sit-in Movement: An Analysis of Internal Organization / Aldon Morris -- Inequality Within Rural Communities of India / John W. Gartrell -- Racial Discrimination in Criminal Sentencing: A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence with Additional Evidence on the Death Penalty / Gary Kleck -- A Test of the Stability of Punishment Hypothesis: The Case of California, 1851-1970 / Richard A. Berk, and others -- The Japanese Americans: Changing Patterns of Assimilation Over Three Generations / Darrel Montero -- A Multilevel Model of Life Satisfaction: Effects of Individual Characteristics and Neighborhood Composition / Roberto M. Fernandez and others -- Interlocking Directorates and Interest Group Formation / Beth Mintz and others -- Taxonomies of Institutional Structure: Dual Economy Reconsidered / Lynne G. Zucker and others -- Structural Constraints and Individual Career Earnings Patterns / Robert Nash Parker -- Diagonal Mobility Models: A Substantively Motivated Class of Designs for the Analysis of Mobility Effects / Michael E. Sobel -- The Historical Distribution of County Seats in the United States: A Review, Critique, and Test of Time-Minimization Theory / G. Edward Stephan and others -- Racial Characteristics and the Imposition of the Death Penalty / Michael L. Radelet -- Complexities of the Randomized Response Solution / Judith Droitcour Miller -- Reaffirming the Viability of the Randomized Response Approach / James Alan Fox and others -- On Interpreting Coefficients in Differential Equation Models / Thomas P. Wilson -- Interpreting Linear Differential Equation Models / Francois Nielsen and others -- Issues in Instrumental Variables Analysis / Karl L. Alexander, others -- Instrumental Variables Analysis / James C. Cramer -- Some Useful Applications of Logistic Models: Reply to an Odd Critique / Steven L. Gortmaker -- Mortality Rates in a Two-Sample Study / Michael Swafford -- Logistic Regression Models with Continuous Independent Variables / Paul P. L. Cheung and others -- Logistic Regression / Michael Swafford. 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manifest a 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reducti 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / 
505 |t 198 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manifest and Latent Function / Colin Campbell -- Heterogeneity and Intermarriage / Peter M. Blau, and others -- A Stochastic Model of Relational Control in Dyadic Interaction / Ronald W. Manderscheid, and others -- Status in Groups: The Importance of Motivation / Cecilia L. Ridgeway -- External Conflict/Internal Cohesion: A Reevaluation of an Old Theory / Kyriacos C. Markides and others -- Vertical and Nonvertical Class Mobility in Three Countries / Keith Hope -- The Cost of Inequality: Metropolitan Structure and Violent Crime / Judith R. Blau and others -- Status Shifts Within the City / Harvey  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism Fro 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manif 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Socia 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manifest and Latent Function / Colin  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / Will 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social T 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Re 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manifest and Latent Function / Colin  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry into the Value and Use of Merton's Concepts of Manifest and Latent Function / Colin Campbell -- Heterogeneity and Intermarriage / Peter M. Blau, and others -- A Stochasti 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inven 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althu 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Socio 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Socia 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Re 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: Linking Action and Structure in Social Theory / Nancy DiTomaso -- A Dubious Distinction? An Inquiry  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- So 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociol 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human  
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte - 
505 |t 1982 Nº 1 :   |a Social Inventions for Solving Human Problems / William Foote Whyte -- Sociological Reductionism From Parsons to Althusser: