Muzafer Sherif

Muzafer Sherif (born Muzaffer Şerif Başoğlu; July 29, 1906 – October 16, 1988) was a Turkish social psychologist. He helped develop social judgment theory and realistic conflict theory.

Sherif was a founder of modern social psychology who developed several unique and powerful techniques for understanding social processes, particularly social norms and social conflict. Many of his original contributions to social psychology have been absorbed into the field so fully that his role in the development and discovery has disappeared. Other reformulations of social psychology have taken his contributions for granted, and re-presented his ideas as new. Provided by Wikipedia
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Social Interaction : Process and Products
Filosofía y Humanidades / Psicología
by Sherif, Muzafer
Published 1967
by Sherif, Muzafer
Published 1970
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