Mariquita Sánchez

Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson Y de Mendeville, also known simply as Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson (1 November 1786 – Buenos Aires, 23 October 1868), was a patriot from Buenos Aires and one of its leading ''salonnières'', whose ''tertulias'' gathered many of the leading personalities of her time. She is widely remembered in the Argentine historical tradition because the Argentine National Anthem was sung for the first time in her home, on May 14, 1813.

One of the first politically outspoken Argentine women, Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson has been considered the most active female figure in the revolutionary process.

She married her cousin, Martín Thompson, in 1805. She authored a first-hand account and description of the failed British invasions of Buenos Aires which illustrated the ambivalence felt by the locals regarding the invasions.

She became a widow in 1817, and remarried in 1819/1820, to the French expatriate Washington de Mendeville. During the rule of Juan Manuel de Rosas, she lived in exile in Montevideo, taking periodic trips to Rio de Janeiro before ultimately returning to Buenos Aires after the Battle of Caseros. Provided by Wikipedia
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