Carl Murchison


Carl Allanmore Murchison (1887–1961) was an American psychologist and an early promoter of the discipline of psychology. Unlike most psychologists who became prominent in the history books, Murchison was not an influential theorist or researcher. Instead, he was an extremely active organizer, publisher, and editor.

Murchison received his Ph.D. in social psychology from Johns Hopkins University in 1923. He taught at Clark University from 1923 to 1936. During most of this time he served as the chair of the psychology department.

Carl Murchison edited ''The Psychological Register'' in 1929, and the first ''Handbook of Social Psychology'' in 1935. He founded and served as editor of a total of five psychology journals, all of which still exist today. These include the ''Journal of Psychology'', the ''Journal of General Psychology'', co-founded with Edward Titchener and the ''Journal of Social Psychology'', co-founded with John Dewey. Provided by Wikipedia
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Published 1935
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