Jules Guesde

Jules Bazile, known as Jules Guesde (; 11 November 1845 – 28 July 1922) was a French socialist journalist and politician.

Guesde was the inspiration for a famous quotation by Karl Marx. Shortly before Marx died in 1883, he wrote a letter to Guesde and Paul Lafargue, both of whom already claimed to represent "Marxist" principles. Marx accused them of "revolutionary phrase-mongering". This exchange is the source of Marx's remark, reported by Friedrich Engels: "''ce qu'il y a de certain c'est que moi, je ne suis pas marxiste''" ("what is certain is that [if they are Marxists], [then] I myself am not a Marxist"). Provided by Wikipedia
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La ley de los salarios
Biblioteca Mayor
by Guesde, Jules, 1845-1922.
Published 1890
Textes choisis 1867-1882
Filosofía y Humanidades / Psicología
by Guesde, Jules, 1845-1922
Published 1959
Les deux méthodes
Biblioteca J. M. Aricó
by Jaurès, Jean, 1859-1914.
Published 1969
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