Alceu Amoroso Lima

Alceu Amoroso Lima (Petrópolis, December 11, 1893 – Rio de Janeiro, August 14, 1983) was a writer, journalist, activist from Brazil, and founder of the Brazilian Christian Democracy. He adopted the pseudonym ''Tristão de Ataíde'' in 1919. In 1928 he converted to Catholicism and eventually became head of Catholic Action in Brazil. Although he initially had some sympathy for certain aims of Brazilian integralism he became a strong opponent of authoritarianism in general and Fascism in particular. That came in part through the influence of Jacques Maritain. He was a staunch advocate for press freedom during the period of military dictatorship. Provided by Wikipedia
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Mitos de nuestro tiempo
Filosofía y Humanidades / Psicología
by Amoroso Lima, Alceu, 1893-1983
Published 1944
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